Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloggy Love

I love awards.  I've created this special place to show them off.

My first caption award from seemingly vanished Dad the Dude:


 The coveted "Zucchini Award" from Crotchety Old Man Yells at Cars:


Bloggy love from awesome, big-hearted friends

From creative Kirsten at The Soccer Mom Files:


From Best Bloggy Friend Forever BBFF (Quirky) and from Crotchety:


Shining stars from Quirky:


 Friendship and peace from Quirky:



My only pipe from Random Chick:

More love and sweetness from Quirky:


 From Sister Quirky and from Laura:

From the lovely Mama-Face:

From equally awesome Ettarose:


From always entertaining Christa at The Star Celeb:

From talented scribbler Quirky:


From hilarious Collette at My Babcia's Babushka:


From sparkly, prolific blogger Mama-Face:

From the one I love to stalk (yes, Quirky again):

From the most consistent beautiful future zombie queen, Quirky:

From Ivy at Unscripted Life
  and from

From Collette at My Babcia's Babushka:


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