Monday, December 10, 2012

Furry Festivities

Purrs.  Hi!  I'm back with an update from this insane existence with the worse humans in the entire world. 

They put up this stick with green itchy stuff and threatened me with scalping if I go near it.  This thing is disturbing.  I've never seen anything like it before.

Ahem, Oreo, it's a Christmas tree and it was put up last year, too.

What?  Really?  I don't remember that.  Anyway, the other day I jumped on it's root and it's cover fell off making all sorts of racket and little toys crashed to the ground.  I went upstairs to think about my next step in its destruction.

You silly thing. You jumped on the table and the tree tickled you.  You were scared poopless and when you jumped down, you pulled the tree skirt with you and several ornaments fell on the floor.  The humans said you ran away like a scaredy cat.  They were sorry that they placed their tree on the table that once contained your sleeping tray.

My magic food bowl broke.  Now I have to rely on the female upright beast with opposable thumbs to dispense my food.  She's not very automatic.  I have to wake her with my paw in the mornings to tell her that I'm starving.

Oreo, your paw is about to get you ousted from the warm bed.

I'm too cute and furry.  I'll never be ousted.  Hee Hee.

At least my furry friends have a tree this year (and I can still get to my window spot):

And I can see this from one of my thrones.  It looks like my squirrel friends may have conspired and assembled this crazy menagerie:

The female says that it never snows around here so all the snow decorations are silly.  This morning she was trying to show me what snow is.   I ignored her.  I was busy staring out the window looking at something white dusting the ground, wondering if that white stuff is edible.

Ah, I'd better sign off.  My warm lap is on it's way to the couch.  I'm ready for my long snooze.

Friday, November 2, 2012

SWISH! It's gone.

Well, I'll be darned.  There went October.  Just like that.  ZOOM!  SWISH!    It went faster than that first bag of Halloween candy you bought a few weeks before Halloween.

October brought us cold and then back to hot and finished with that dang Frankenstorm in the northeast.  Ugh.  Even Evil Twin is feeling sad for those that have experienced loss due to that monstrous beast.

I ran a 10-mile race and won 1st place in my age group.  Ahem.  I have to say that most of the fast people in my age group did not show up for the race.

 Scarecrow does a nice job showing off my medal!

 If you squint, you can see it says 1ST PLACE!

October was a great month for reading blog posts, especially if you like looking at photos.  There was an awesome photo meme (see Ziva's sidebar) that took place on days 1 - 30.  Oreo Cat and Evil Twin kept begging me to participate.  I took some photos and I've finally relented and decided to post some of our favorites:

VIBRATE:    I wish I could blame the cat for this blurry sunset:

KAFKAESQUE and STALKER:  This guy is hopelessly hanging around teasing the cat.

SHINY:  Cat must think this is a snake, a sparkly slithering snake, because every time I put it on the end table, he knocks it off and bats it around for awhile.

CALM and RULES:  This is Cat's favorite because he thinks he reigns over us.  I like it because it reflects one of the few quiet moments we get around here.

I hope October treated you well.  Bring on November.  Maybe I'll post again before the month is over.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time Flies

Somehow I missed the month of September.  I'm not sure how that happened.  Maybe it was because the weather finally got nice enough to work outside in the garden even if all I was doing was pulling weeds.  It's those nasty burrs that some folks call goat's head stickers but they're really burrs.  You don't want those goat's heads.  They are called puncture vine for a reason.

Everything you wanted to know but were too smart to ask.

Yeah, if you read a little bit of it, they are supposed to enhance sexual performance.  Um....


The sand burrs I'm pulling up are bad enough and this guy made wine?  Oh my, my.  The world is crazy.

We took a trip to Colorado and got to see some lovely fall color.  The aspens were turning early this year.

I'm back but I'm not ready for this fall and winter stuff.  Can we skip that this year?  I know.  I can't deprive my friends and family of cookies.  There has to be cookies. I guess we can have Christmas afterall.

Some strange things have happened to me during September:
  • I was followed by a car with a full-size stuffed bear in the passenger seat.  The driver was talking to the bear.
  • I was followed by The Zombie Apocalypse Survival SUV.
  • I started training for another marathon.  

Evil Twin is sure I've lost my marbles.  If you see them rolling around, send them back to me.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whiny Cat Needs Some Wine

MEOW! It's me, Oreo Kitty.  Here I am, hungry AGAIN!  Why doesn't this blasted female take care of me?  Sigh.  I have to climb up behind her throne and paw her hair to get her attention.  Sheesh.

Oreo, Reffie doesn't like it when she's sitting on the couch and you attack her from behind.

And what's with my new bed in the dryer?  Why can't I lay on those warm towels?  Why must she take them from me and get fussy when I resist their release?

Reffie does not want your hair all over the clean towels, you silly cat!

This female is a strange one.  She told me she felt discomboobalated and melonchular today. I'm thinking that I don't want to hear about her boobs......unless they are cushy and soft.  By the way, I've got nipples.....

Um.....Oreo, it's discombobulated and melancholy. 

Melons?  Where?  They're food, aren't they?  No, wait.  They're boobs.  No more boob talk.


I love it when the female opens the window and lets me smell OUTSIDE but today she said it smelled worse than my litter box.  I was most offended.

Oreo, a skunk has sprayed somewhere close.  It's not an "outside" smell Reffie enjoys.

A skunk?  What's that?  Can I play with it?  Is it food? 

Uh oh.  Reffie is coming back inside.   You'd better get off the computer, Oreo.

Not before I post a link.  I LOVE this cat!


Hum....I wonder what that was all about.  The cat just ran off with a goofy look on his face.  Evil Twin is watching The Weather Channel hoping for a hurricane.  Oh well.   I hope everyone has had a good summer.  We've finally had some rain and look what it did to my Texas Sage:


And the Lantanas finally bloomed.  The hummingbirds are happy!

And Window Cat doesn't care one way or another. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fodder For All Creatures

Farvel Cargo's Sue fussed at me for not posting and told me to go to Wally World to find blog fodder.   The last time I went to Wally World I encountered a nice cashier.  That's unusual and worthy of blog attention, right? All the greeters seem to be gone, though.  Their toothy or toothless grins and meaningless greetings don't make good fodder anyway.  Fortunately, at our local stores, they were not expected to be receipt/door Nazis.

My mother-in-law has downsized from a house to an apartment so I've been a little busy helping sort and move.  I've forgotten how much work moving can be even with professional movers doing the heavy work.   Cat wasn't much help although he investigated all the boxes.  I think he was looking for better humans.  He's told us that the current set is useless.

Our local gardens and grassy knolls have been invaded by grasshoppers.  Let's just call them locusts, 'K?  They have feasted on most of my plants and I've been swarmed by them while out on my bike.  They must have a craving for salt.  Please send giant chickens that can hold their own against the coyotes.  I'm tired of these critters.  

The vincas have survived the grasshoppers (so far) 
but the turtle may have plans for dinner.  
The liriope has not been so lucky.

I'm not tired of the deer, though.  Mama-Deer has two white-spotted babies.  Ahs.  So cute.  I wish they didn't like my plants so much. 

Mommy and babies looking for deer chow.  
Excuse the furry window screen.

We saw a wild turkey recently but Cat refused to help corral it so we could feed it grasshoppers.

The presence of the garden-ruining pests must be a sign of the end days.  Evil Twin is insisting we start on our anti-zombie/apocalypse shelter right away.  She keeps putting designs in strategic places around the house:  on the laptop, at my place at the table, in my car, on the toilet.  SHEESH! She is determined.


Excuse me.  That's better.  Now, what else has been going on?

Oh yeah.  It's hot here...just like everywhere else. 

Thank goodness the mother ship does not need me to navigate but I only made one mistake while driving to SMALL-TOWN-WITH-WINDY-ROADS yesterday.  I got to my destination but I'm not quick enough to realize that I could have corrected my mistake several times earlier than I did.  Sigh.  Sometimes I should just trust my instincts!

My instincts are telling me that I should sleep late on the weekend.  But again, I'm not listening.  I have a race Sunday morning.  I'll be up confusing the cat and heading out before Dawn cracks a smile.  It's a sprint triathlon with an outside pool swim, a nice bike course on country roads, and a somewhat shady running course.  It will still be hot, though.  Think rain!

I hope everyone is having a good summer.  Bring on the Olympics!     

Oh, and there must be cookies.

Geek fodder...and geek feet!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Meat and Two Sides, Please

Since I'm lazy and can't think of posts on my own, I've stolen another writing prompt: "Side of the Road".   I can't resist saying something about this fascinating place.

Roadkill is on the side of the road.  Well, it's actually in the middle and splattered all over the road.  Barf. The vultures feast on armadillo, possum, squirrel, coyote, cow (OK, not too often), cute little bunnies, and unfortunately, the occasional domestic pet.  Sigh.

Please don't tell Cat about the last one.  He does not understand that is the primary reason he is NOT ALLOWED to go outside.  His narrow mind, the size of an English pea, sees things to chase, kill, and eat.  My broader mind, the size of a snow pea, sees distracted drivers and hungry bobcats and coyotes.  Gulp!

I pondered about the oddest thing I've seen on the side of the road.  Hum.....underwear.  Ugh.  Oh yeah.  A funny-looking balloon.


Oh.  Evil Twin tells me that was a used condom.


The 30-day challenge that provided me with a few prompts is now over.  Oh my.  Where will I go for ideas?  I noticed that fellow blogger, Lauren, jumped in the middle of the challenge and with a burst of energy made in through the month with some great posts.  Check out some of her hilarious offerings at

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

No Need for Pest Control Around Here

Oh, wait!  Hey Evil Twin, wait for ME!  

What IS it, Oreo?

You guys are writing about creepy-crawlies.  I want to join in.

Oreo, that was yesterday's topic.


I'm an expert on arachnoids.

It's arachnids, Oreo.  Just call them spiders, 'K?

Anyway, they are fun.  I like to chase them and lick them.  When they stop moving, I swallow them.

 GINORMOUS garden spider might eat Oreo

Ok, Oreo, that's enough.  Reffie doesn't like it when you kill things.  On second thought, just keep on talking.  I like watching Reffie turn green.


Whoa!  Good job, Oreo.  What kind of critter was that?




Spiders was the topic of the day for 6/5/12.  Check my sidebar for the latest topics and writers participating in the month-long meme.  They are a group of talented folks!

Friday, June 1, 2012

This Geek's a Cheesy Thief!

Oh hooray!  I've stolen a blog topic.  Some folks are writing about cheese.  It's the first day of one of those insane month-log memes with set topics.  But, there are no rules and I like that.  Oreo Cat likes it, too, as he rarely follows any rules. 

I eat cheese occasionally.  Yum.

I cut the cheese occasionally.  Hum...

Yes, I said that outloud.

I like a little whine and wine with my cheese.  Burp.

Too much cheese will make one shit bricks.  Oops.

Yes, I used the word "shit" in a sentence.

Evil Twin smiled.  Oreo Cat looked at me funny and went to his litter box.  He came back broken-hearted....because he only farted.   Snort.

That's write.  I right cheesy jokes.  Sigh. 

Maybe Oreo's constipated.  Wait.  Where is my cheese?  It was there...on the counter.      


So far, I've read the following cheesy posts:

Have a wild and day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Boob Tube Review, This Geek Rants...

Hubby and I like to relax in the evening surfing the next, laughing at the cat, and watching a bit of TV.  Please be quiet about the laughing.  I wouldn't want to hurt the cat's feelings.

We've found some great shows to watch over the years.  Who could resist Kiefer Sutherland in 24?  I liked seeing Kiefer shirtless but, unfortunately, that was usually when he was being tortured. Hubby doesn't have the hots for Kiefer but there were some nice female side-kicks during the show's reign.  One of Hubby's favorites was Agent Renee Walker, played by Annie Wersching.  We called her Agent Freckles. 

Wasn't LOST a great idea and good for years of entertainment?  I won't go into how it ended but the the words "utterly" and "ridiculous" come to mind.  PFFFT!   In recent years, we started watching NCIS and like trained monkeys, we followed on to NCIS: LOS ANGELES.  While thinking about how bad and pathetically sad that show is sometimes, I thought I would offer my not-so-humble opinions on some of the shows we watch or have watched recently.  Sorry folks, no reality shows are viewed around here.

Still decent, will tune in:

PERSON OF INTEREST - The government is spying on you.  There is a machine watching your every move.  The creator of the machine hires an ex-CIA tough guy to help him assist the "numbers" the machine comes up with each week.  These "numbers" may be good guys or bad guys.    This show is entertaining and intriguing with a lot of tough guy, good-guy wins action.

FAIRLY LEGAL -Skinny pretty lady with big boobs and high heels mediates new cases each week.  She partners a law firm with her late father's Barbie-stick wife.  Mediator Kate still has the hots for her ex-husband, the Assistant DA.  He's decent eye candy.  The stories are interesting and the character interaction is fun to watch.

AWAKE - After a car "accident", an LA detective wakes up in different realities, one where his wife is still alive, one where his son is still alive.   He gets clues from each reality to help solve his cases.  He is beginning to realize it might not have been an "accident".  Which reality is real?    It's a little sappy sometimes but the concept appeals and the back story is captivating.

COVERT AFFAIRS - Blonde, attractive, and athletic Annie is a fairly new CIA agent.  She's got style and she can work her way out of some tight situations.  It's my answer to ALIAS.  I always wanted to be Sydney.  Now I want to be Annie!

ROYAL PAINS - A concierge doctor in the Hamptons always seems to solve the case.  His whiny brother runs the business.  His doctor girlfriend is supposed to be leaving to work overseas but never seems to get away.  It's always summer.  Hee Hee. This one is getting a bit stale.  I hope the next season breathes some life into the series.

BIG BANG THEORY - I'm not explaining this one to you.  It's been on awhile and relates to most of us geeks out there.   It's still funny.  I hope they can keep it up!

Ugh.  Really?  I must be moron for continuing to tune in:

NCIS:  LOS ANGELES -  Nonsensical plot lines and incredibly boring characters.  I've slept through several episodes but not the ones with close-ups of Chris's blue eyes or when he had his shirt off.  Well, I may have slept through those, too.

UNFORGETTABLE:    Really?  I can easily forget this show.  Poppy Montgomery with fake red hair that looks a different color depending on the lighting or the hairstylist hates her and loves to let her roots show?  Just shoot me now.  Again, boring. 

CSI: - The original.  Good Gracious, Almighty!  Can this show get worse?  Unfortunately, it probably can.  The stories with potential crash and burn.   They've lost too many key characters over the years.  Please. End. It. Now.

HAWAII-FIVE-O - Oh, oh, oh!  It seemed like such a great idea.  Alex O'Loughlin is a cutie and I like seeing some of the old LOST cast but the repetitive Wo Fat plot line is getting old.    Please don't let Grace Park get any thinner.  Windy days must be a struggle for her.   Danno?  Oh no-no.  Zzzzz.  Hum...maybe we can just feed all the characters to the sharks and be done with it.

You can do better than this:

NCIS: - Tony acting like a frat boy.  Again?  Can't we move forward here?  This is one of their worst seasons.  It seems they have run out of ideas and the characters are fading.  Jamie Lee Curtis and Gibbs?   Yeah, ok.  He probably needs to be getting some horizontal action but she is more interesting eating her poop-inducing yogurt.  We need more Abby.   How about some McGee?  Or Ziva without the face-hurting pulled-back hair?  Ugh.  I think I slept through last week's episode.

Ok, that's my rant.  Thanks for listening.  Let me know what shows you like or dislike and why.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Life as a Cookie - Chapter Eleven

I'm back.   I like the sun on my belly and I'm so very cute!  


That wasn't nice, Evil Twin, but I'll forgive you since you gave me an extra teaspoon of yummy stuff to get me to write this

I want to tell you all about my hidey-holes.   These are the places I go when I need to chill or get away from it all.  We all know how hard a domestic house cat's life is, don't we?  Please keep this between us. I don't want the humans to know about these secret places.

This is my cave.  It has a cushy floor, a nice roof, and makes a great viewing area to keep an eye on red dot:

This is my cave.  I like to tunnel under this cushy thing, hiding while sticking my butt and pointy tail out.  Yeah.  The humans will never find me.  It also doubles as a play area for my favorite game -  jump and catch the flying mouse (shown deceased next to my pile of soft):

This is my cave.  Yes, I like caves.  It smells like people feet but it's dark, cool, and quiet.  I can get a good snooze on here:

I hope you like my hidey-holes.

Some things I've learned in this life of imprisonment with the humans:
  • When the noisy device next to the female's side of the bed speaks, it is time for her to rise and escort me to my food bowl, stroking my back and scratching my hind-quarters while I feast.  If she silences the device and turns over for another snooze, she is punished by me walking on her chest.   For some reason, I get pushed off the bed occasionally.
Oreo, your food automatically dispenses.  You can leave the bed and go eat at anytime.

  • If I nibble at the humans' calves, they squeal.  Hee Hee.  But then they get the spray bottle and spray me with water.  I don't like that much.
So what have you learned, Oreo?


Shut up and food me you stupid human.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My birthday was swell, now for a SWIRL..

The birthday with a zero in it came and went.  A good time was had by all.  Plenty of food and a few yummy margaritas were consumed.

Crazy things happen on or near my birthday.  In the past, my favorite aunt died and four years later my grandmother died. In 2000, a tornado hit downtown Fort Worth, sending debris through my workplace's windows and surprised co-workers into the stairwells. In recent years, we had a damaging hailstorm which was the last straw for our roof.   Last year, my cousin was electrocuted helping a friend trim trees.   :( This year, an older neighbor died and a few days later, 14 tornadoes whirled through the D/FW area, doing what tornadoes do - wrecking homes and throwing trailers about. 

One local woman told a story worthy of Dorothy and Toto.  The tornado picked up her mobile home and tossed it around like a paper sack in the wind. She held her little doggie the whole time.  Her trailer landed belly up but she and the pup walked out of there!  Wowie.  My pants would have been brown.

That same tornado touched down again about 2 miles from my mom's house.  Fortunately, Mom didn't have any damage and she didn't even get to see the blasted spinning circle of hell.  A friend from high school who lives near the area of that same tornado claims he saw a flying cow.  Twice.  Haha.  I think he was stretching the truth just a bit there.  Maybe...

We weren't close to any of the tornadoes (this time) and were fortunate to get heavy rain instead of damaging hail. 

I met some friends for Happy Hour last week and I scored a bottle of wine, a nice pot (no, not THAT kind), a cute little lunch bag, and one of these:

Yeah, you're not a true Texan unless you have one of these.  No, not the silly spotted cat with the bobtail but the redneck margarita glass.  Hee Hee.

Now Easter is upon us, a time of rebirth and renewal.  It's raining here but the temperature is perfect.  I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Red Velvet, Red Velvet, Let Reffie Get Older

My blog looks a bit lonely.  Oreo Cat is not being cooperative.  He's tired of writing.  He would rather eat, sleep, poop, and play with his favorite toys.  I think he fully understands how to be a cat.

I have a birthday coming up.  It has a zero in it so maybe I should do something special.  

Evil Twin is telling me that she has bribed the aliens to stay away on my special day but she is having some kind of problem with the robots.  I told her there are no robots to worry about. She just gave me that "you're an idiot" look.  She just watched the movie, I, Robot, and she is very impressionable.  I watched it, too.  DANG that Will Smith in his underwear!  He sizzles.

I don't know what I want to do to celebrate except that I want to make these RED VELVET COOKIES!  Hubby told me I could make them right now.  Why wait?

No, there will not be any left for any of you.


Not really.

Oh, BTW, I wrote a little story using five sentences with five words each.  I stole this idea from the Saturday Centus group.

The TV blares boring ads.

Why do we pay attention?

They numb us, closing minds.

Easy Zombie fodder, we are.

Fascinating, right?

"Evil Twin, quit snorting.  It's rude."

Spring has come early around here.  Bluebonnets are in full bloom and the irises are opening.  There are weeds everywhere.  I need your help pulling them.

 It's a bit wild right now but I don't want to mow the bluebonnets!
Oreo Cat surveys his wishful outside kingdom from the window.

If I see you out there pulling weeds, I'll save a cookie for you.

"Evil Twin!  Put that cookie down!"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life as a Cookie - Chapter Ten

Hello.  It's me, Oreo Cookie Cat, posting here once again.  Evil Twin is hovering over me wanting to pitch in her two cents.  I would prefer that she pitch me one of those fluttery, feathery things that buzz around outside my favorite window. 

The female was fussing about red lights.  I don't understand.  I LUV little red lights.  The next time I see one, it will be conquered.

Oreo, Reffie is frustrated about traffic.  Cars are supposed to stop at red lights and wait for the light to turn green.  Apparently, some of the drivers are impatient and continue through the intersection when it is their turn to wait.

Huh?  I have no idea what you're mumbling about.  Does it involve food?

Actually, yes, sometimes it does.  Traffic backs up as people wait to turn into a local fast food restaurant.  Reffie complains about that, too.

Do they have fish or mouse-burgers?

The humans are starving me again.  I am rebelling by fighting my water bowl.  I have killed it several times in the past few weeks.  The female squeals so when I make it bleed.   Hee Hee.

For drinking, I prefer the giant porcelain bowl in the room with moving water.

The humans are also complaining about the quality of the air in our cave.  They are saying it's raining cat hair all the time and they cough and point at me.  I just give them my cute kitty look like I don't know what they're talking about.  Then I throw some more hair.  Pffft.

Ahem.  Let me interrupt.  Here's what Oreo thinks he looks like when he's being cute and pathetic:

Here's what he actually looks like:

ME-OW!  Quit interrupting my post.  Anyway, I was going to tell you that the humans think they are clever.  They created a foraging device for me to get food. 

Reffie's Hubby made this contraption from a vitamin bottle.  The theory is that Oreo figures out how to make the food come out of the little holes Hubby made in the bottle.   Oh, and that baggie?  It contains catnip.  We like to watch Oreo slide and roll around on it.  Snort.

What? What?   I think she was talking about me but I'll get back to my story.  They tell me cats like to forage for their food.  Well, first of all, I don't know what forage means, and second.......   Oh, oh.  I see a bottle.  It rattles.   Oh boy, oh boy! There is SOMETHING in here.   FOOD!  FOOD!  FOOD!


Ooh, ahh, shiny thing.

I think we've lost Oreo for the time being. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Things That Go Boom in the Night

Hearing a window-shaking boom in early February is usually not a good thing.  It reminded me of the early morning space shuttle boom back in 2003.  Not good.

It was Wednesday night and the geek household was settled in to catch up on some DVR TV.  Oreo Cat was having a good pre-bed snooze on top of the couch next to his favorite lap (Hubby).  Then we heard the sound. 

Oreo wakes up and looks around.

Hubby:  "What was that?"
Me:  "A sonic boom?"
Oreo:  [raises head] "Mew?"
Evil Twin:  "Aliens."

Hubby:  "Probably an earthquake."
Me:  "Yeah, Texas gets those now with all that gas drilling.  I heard they started frakking up near Southlake."
Oreo:  [lays head down, closes eyes]
Evil Twin:  "Aliens"

We were all wrong.  It was a meteorite.  It made a boom and a flash.  Many of the locals reported seeing a bright light in the sky.  It wasn't a plane and it wasn't even Superman.

Evil Twin:  "Aliens."

Meteorite 154/365

This isn't the rock that caused the boom and flash but it's a cool photo, huh?

On another note, I ran the marathon and we had a nice vacation afterwards.  Brown Bear will show off some of the souvenirs, including my finisher's medal.  Oreo supervises:

So, um, will the next meteor be the end for us?

Evil Twin:  "Aliens."

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life as a Cookie - Chapter Nine

Oreo Kitty, aided and abetted by Evil Twin, comments on his mundane existence with lazy humans....


What the heck?


What IS going on here?

Ahs, poor Oreo Kitty.  Reffie is sickie and she's coughing.  She didn't notice you had declared her stomach as your pillow.

Sheesh.  I'm moving to the other one.  The soft spots between his legs make a better pillow anyway.

ACHOO!  I hope I don't get sick.  I need my nose to work.  That female leaves the house and comes back smelling funny.  It makes my nose all twitchy.  It's like she's visiting other cats but I know she would never do that for she worships me as her only god.


Silly Oreo.  Reffie plays with her friend's furry beasts while her friend is away.  They are cute and cuddly just like you.....but a lot smarter.

What?  WHAT?  You'd better watch what you say there, MS. Evil, 'cause I gots claws and I know how to use them.

Things around here are crazy.  Large cases appeared and the humans put their garmins in them.  (That's "garments", Oreo. ) At least the female didn't pack one of my favorite toys, PUFFY WHITE BRA!  Hee Hee.  I hid that.  I also like SCARF.  SCARF has little snakes coming off of it.  Slobber. Slobber.  Reffie got it for Christmas.  Oh, oh!  Here it is now.  Must go play:

The humans are leaving on vacation soon.  Let's keep that on the down-low, 'K?  Reffie will be taking her GARMIN with her and going to Houston for the marathon.  That is, if she feels well enough to do it.  She's got some good meds for "the sickness" that took over her taper before the race so she's hopeful. 

Uh oh.  Reffie just gave me the stink eye for laughing.  Apparently, she IS NOT amused that she pees when she coughs...


Photo credits:  Reffie's beasts:  Reffie

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"