Friday, March 23, 2012

Red Velvet, Red Velvet, Let Reffie Get Older

My blog looks a bit lonely.  Oreo Cat is not being cooperative.  He's tired of writing.  He would rather eat, sleep, poop, and play with his favorite toys.  I think he fully understands how to be a cat.

I have a birthday coming up.  It has a zero in it so maybe I should do something special.  

Evil Twin is telling me that she has bribed the aliens to stay away on my special day but she is having some kind of problem with the robots.  I told her there are no robots to worry about. She just gave me that "you're an idiot" look.  She just watched the movie, I, Robot, and she is very impressionable.  I watched it, too.  DANG that Will Smith in his underwear!  He sizzles.

I don't know what I want to do to celebrate except that I want to make these RED VELVET COOKIES!  Hubby told me I could make them right now.  Why wait?

No, there will not be any left for any of you.


Not really.

Oh, BTW, I wrote a little story using five sentences with five words each.  I stole this idea from the Saturday Centus group.

The TV blares boring ads.

Why do we pay attention?

They numb us, closing minds.

Easy Zombie fodder, we are.

Fascinating, right?

"Evil Twin, quit snorting.  It's rude."

Spring has come early around here.  Bluebonnets are in full bloom and the irises are opening.  There are weeds everywhere.  I need your help pulling them.

 It's a bit wild right now but I don't want to mow the bluebonnets!
Oreo Cat surveys his wishful outside kingdom from the window.

If I see you out there pulling weeds, I'll save a cookie for you.

"Evil Twin!  Put that cookie down!"


Anonymous said...

Wait. You didn't say eggsactly WHEN the b-day is! I wanna know! And early Happy BirFFday.

heh heh

And you had me at zombie fodder.

Love it. *grin*

Red velvet cookies? Hmm. Trying to imagine it...but not wrapping my head around it.

But then again, I'm a ditz so it's hard to wrap my brain around most things.

hee hee

Unknown said...

Birthday with a zero in it, huh? Gotta love those even-numbered years. Happy Birthday!

The weeds haven't visited here yet, but I expect them shortly. Maybe I'll bake them a cake with Weed-BGone.

Btw, I'm a "Walking Dead" groupie if they have groupies, live ones that is.

The Constant Complainer said...

Talk about weeds was 84 here in Cleveland yesterday. That's crazy!

Yes, you have been visabily absent on here. You're blog isn't're just refreshing your mind with new content and stories.

Have a great weekend!

Belle said...

Whenever I hear about 'Red Velvet Cookies/Cake' I imagine it melting in my mouth - but i've never eaten red velvet anything. Please describe the taste some time.

Happy Birthday to you!! You are right, an age with an 0 in it is always important. Do something crazy.

Unfinished Person said...

So you're 20 again? Congratulations. ;)

Ivy said...


I just keep celebrating the same one over and over again. This year I will be 27! (again).

Eventually I'm gonna have to turn the one with the 0 in it, but not yet... not.... yet....

Spring hit here early too. The weeds haven't reared their ugly heads yet, but the snakes did. Rocket actually found them... so it should be an interesting summer. I have to really figure out what kind they are before he gets bit. And the bug... OH MY!!! The bugs this year are freaking mammoth!!! It;s not going to be a fun summer for me....

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Chocolate, yummy chocolate! Refreshing but not overpowering. You are not a ditz, you are pure GLITZ!!

On, and the birthday is March 30th!

@Lauren - That's a great idea for a cake.... Hee Hee. The weeds are overwhelming me today.

@Constant - 84 in Cleveland? That's so wrong! Yes, nothing much but life happening around here. It sometimes doesn't make for great blog content. I need to expand my horizons! Have a great weekend yourself.

@Belle - The cake looks like velvet and tastes like chocolate, enough to notice but not overpowering. The texture is usually very smooth. I think you should make the cookies!

@Unfinished - Thanks! It's actually 30 but who's telling. :)

Hee Hee. Kidding. I don't want to be 30 again but I'd like that body that heals back!

@Ivy - Don't worry. The zero birthdays aren't that bad. You will love it. The bugs? I don't love those at all. Yes, they are out in force and such a nuisance!

Snakes? Yeegads!


Rob-bear said...

Birthday? Let me guess; you're turning 30. How wonderful! So young!

Red velvet cookies. I tried eating velvet once, by accident. It was tough and tasteless. I don't know any any Human would want to make cookies of red velvet.

Maybe the cats are brighter than you are. OK; that's not a happy thought. Forget it.

I Wonder Wye said...

Well, happy BD whenever it is -- you're just a kid in my book. The bluebonnets are too pretty to mow...our daffodils are gone but the other spring flowers are awesome and the bridal wreath spyaria just kicked it in high gear...

Suzanne said...

A birthday with a zero what a drag. At least there will be cookies and presents.

ReformingGeek said...

@Bear - The cats are in it with the dolphins. I'm afraid the bears may get stuck eating more velvet. :)

@Wonder Wye - Yes, the spring flowers are beautiful. I hope they last. Sigh. I am no longer a spring chicken!

@Sue - As long as there are cookies, life is good!

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"