Sunday, April 8, 2012

My birthday was swell, now for a SWIRL..

The birthday with a zero in it came and went.  A good time was had by all.  Plenty of food and a few yummy margaritas were consumed.

Crazy things happen on or near my birthday.  In the past, my favorite aunt died and four years later my grandmother died. In 2000, a tornado hit downtown Fort Worth, sending debris through my workplace's windows and surprised co-workers into the stairwells. In recent years, we had a damaging hailstorm which was the last straw for our roof.   Last year, my cousin was electrocuted helping a friend trim trees.   :( This year, an older neighbor died and a few days later, 14 tornadoes whirled through the D/FW area, doing what tornadoes do - wrecking homes and throwing trailers about. 

One local woman told a story worthy of Dorothy and Toto.  The tornado picked up her mobile home and tossed it around like a paper sack in the wind. She held her little doggie the whole time.  Her trailer landed belly up but she and the pup walked out of there!  Wowie.  My pants would have been brown.

That same tornado touched down again about 2 miles from my mom's house.  Fortunately, Mom didn't have any damage and she didn't even get to see the blasted spinning circle of hell.  A friend from high school who lives near the area of that same tornado claims he saw a flying cow.  Twice.  Haha.  I think he was stretching the truth just a bit there.  Maybe...

We weren't close to any of the tornadoes (this time) and were fortunate to get heavy rain instead of damaging hail. 

I met some friends for Happy Hour last week and I scored a bottle of wine, a nice pot (no, not THAT kind), a cute little lunch bag, and one of these:

Yeah, you're not a true Texan unless you have one of these.  No, not the silly spotted cat with the bobtail but the redneck margarita glass.  Hee Hee.

Now Easter is upon us, a time of rebirth and renewal.  It's raining here but the temperature is perfect.  I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You're the nicest reforming geek I know! heh heh

And thank goodness you haven't met any oompah loompahs around your birthday... oh wait. That's the wrong "little people!"

I need to rewatch my classics. A munchkin is NOT a oompah loompah. Forgive me munchkins!

heh heh

Happy Birthday!

Ziva said...

Oh wow, crazy things do happen on your birthday... Still, happy belated birthday, Reffie!:)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday! Love vanilla and chocolate swirls with windless whipped cream and that mug. At least, no one was hurt and Dorothy made it back to Kansas.

Deb said...

Happy Easter! Love the redneck margarita glass - damn, don't drop it! I'd keep my on that cat, though. He's looking to put his catnip in that glass.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - There is a strange drumming noise around here.

@Ziva - Yes, indeed. Thanks, Ziva.

@Lauren - Thanks. Did someone say ice cream? Yum!

@Deb - Thanks! The cat was hoping for a mouseburger. He doesn't care how it's served. Hee Hee.

Rob-bear said...

Blessed Easter and happy birthday.

So you turned 30 this year. Excellent! The 30s are such fun years. Old enough to know better, young enough to break the rules with flair and panache. Even with a strange Oreo-cookie kind of cat. And an "interesting" glass.


I remember my 30's only because as we age we try to forget our present age. Enjoy it kiddo. The 30's are the lead-in for the 40's and THOSE are the best!!

ReformingGeek said...

@Rob-bear - Thanks. Ah, yes the 30's. What great memories! Cheers!

@Beau's Mom - The 30's were grand and I wish I had that 30-year-old body that heals quickly!

The Constant Complainer said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you survived too. I can't believe all those things that have happened on or around your birthday!

Have a great weekend!

Ivy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad you all are okay!! Tornadoes are a scary thing! We had some touch down in my WV hometown in 2000. The tornadoes made a half pipe out of the valley and tore the mountain homes to shreds.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

-- Ivy

I Wonder Wye said...

Happy belated

Glad you got your redneck margarita glass!

Mike said...

So the moral to the story is to stay away from Texas on or near your birthday! :) Happy belated birthday to you!

ReformingGeek said...

Constant - Thanks! It's certainly a crazy time of the year.

@Ivy - Thanks! Yes, way too scary for me!

@Wonder Wye - Thanks! The glass is a hoot.

@otin - Thanks! You might want to stay away from Oklahoma, too. :)

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm glad you & mom are safe! The weather has been crazy lately. My sister just got one of those glasses! Have a great Day! (((HUGS)))

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"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"