Saturday, October 24, 2009

FrankenFace and Fall

After seeing several funny youtube videos poking fun at how people use Facebook, I've decided to add my two cents.

BTW, I found this little skit on youtube and it made me giggle. Enjoy.

"I didn't know that..."

Getting back to my four cents (inflation, OK?), FrankenFacebook (Halloween, OK?) can be fun but it's just a tool. Keep in mind that some people may not appreciate your sensationalist videos, bible verse of the every day, your lost brown cows in Farmville, the 1000th picture of Little Johnny, the exciting adventures of your cat (um....sorry), and your excessive use of poking, quizzes, opinion polls, and games.

Now. Let's flip it around. If you're the one offended, don't be. Your friends are using the tool in a way that they find entertaining or meaningful to them. Deal with it. Applications can be hidden and friends can be filtered, if you are seriously bothered.

Does anyone else think it's weird to get a friend request from someone you have not met? I'm not talking about other bloggers that you keep in touch with but people who found you through a fan page, group, or place of employment and you've never met them.

Also, what is your strangest Facebook moment?

Mine is connecting with a girl that graduated from high school with me but I barely remember her from high school. She was one of my close friends from elementary school in a different city. I lost contact with her once we moved. Now I'm getting a little scared. She has threatened to post photos of me from third grade. Now that's something scary.

ReformingGeek zones out for a moment....

Oh, you're still there? Sorry, I had to stalk check Facebook. I'm back now.

Moving on....

The sun is finally out and the weekend is beautiful. I thought I would grab a few garden photos before Mother Nature strikes again.

Pink rose bush blooming like crazy

Orange mums showing off

Please excuse the messy yard and the poor pansies were beat to smithereens (smither what?) during the last torrential downpour. Mowing is on the list somewhere between sharpen saw and find a bowl for the eyeballs. You do know that Halloween is next Saturday?

Check back next week for triathlon craziness (assuming I survive) and some Halloween carnival fun!


Kelly P said...

I don't have facebook,and really truthfully don't care too.HA!HA! My friends right now are the bloggers.I don't get out to much to look around. By the time I get home from work,make dinner,get a shower I really don't feel like socializing.I work retail! HA! That ought to give you some idea!.HA!

As for your yard? It looks alot better than mine.LOL!!

Mama-Face said...

I'm seriously bothered, but it has nothing to do with facebook. phew.

I would like facebook to demand all facebookers use spellcheck. But, since facebook is technically not a word, I don't see it happening.

I CANNOT wait for your triathlon!!

Bee said...

Wow. All my flowers are D-E-D dead. :o(

Also, the rain has been ongoing since the other day I stopped by. I'm not gonna say you're infectious but...

Skye said...

I have a facebook page, but I don't go to it very often (I think once or twice since last Halloween). To be honest, I just don't understand what the whole site is about or how to manouver around in there. Oh well, I guess that just proves I'm technologically challenged. *shrugs shoulders*

Unknown said...

Reffie, I love Facebook but only for the games. I do get friend requests, but that is for Mafia Wars. I like your flowers, very pretty. More rain in the forecast? What will it do when you are triathaloning? (yeah, I know. Not a word)

Moonrayvenne said...

I've gotten a few friend requests from people I don't think I know but it could be possible from my drunken days...:(
I have so many requests to join things & I just ignore them, if people want to keep sending them, it's ok. I do the farmville thing a little but after a while, I get bored & have to come back to blog reading & commenting:)
It's been cold & rainy for days & today it's finally going to be about 58 & no rain. It will be cloudy, but NO RAIN! For today anyway. Hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I got so overwhelmed with Facebook, I barely check in these days, but I will play Bejeweled Blitz there.

I don't stray far from my comfort zone. Hee hee

And... that is messy? Puh-leeease!

ReformingGeek said...

@Donna - I like it to stay in touch with folks I don't get to see much since leaving work.

@mama-face - I've been guilty of typos on Facebook. Oops.

@Bee - Sorry, Girl. It's usually you bringing it to us.

@Skye - I totally understand. It does take up a lot of time and can be tedious sometimes.

@etta - Thanks. The mums are looking good this year!

@Collette - Hope you dry up soon!

@Quirky - We really do need to mow. As for Facebook, when you have folks that post umpteen videos a day, it does get a bit over-whelming. Step out of your zone, Quirky. I know you can do it!

The Old Silly said...

Facebook is cool in my opinion. I spend a little time there most days - not nearly as much time as blogging, though. Hey I envy you the blooming roses. It's nighty night time for flowers for a few months here in the frozen hostile wasteland of Michigan, lol.

Marvin D Wilson said...

I spent a lot of time on Facebook at first, but the thrill is gone. Now I spend all my time blogging. Thrill still there!

Good luck with the Triathalon! I'll be cheering for you from afar!

ReformingGeek said...

@Facebook - Thanks. My roses are still going strong.

@CatLady - Thanks for the support from afar!

Nooter said...

those mums look tasty...

ReformingGeek said...

@Nooter - Bad dog!

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"