Friday, November 5, 2010

Geek Kidnapped and Kept in Zoo

You are probably thinking that is where I belong.

You may be right.  I feel at home in the zoo.    Instead of being surrounded by crazy people, I would be in a small version of my habitat on display as entertainment.


Maybe not.

Anyway, I've been away this week at a fitness conference is sunny San Diego.   Yes, I have been lax about keeping up with your blogs.   I'll get caught up soon.  I promise.

Although I have a wonderful zoo in my hometown, I had to visit the San Diego zoo while I was here.  Who can resist pandas and polar bears?

You're welcome.  I knew you would enjoy meeting my new friends. 

I just caught Hubby on the phone with the zookeeper.  I think I've been given a job.  He said it involves a shovel.

Evil Twin will be thrilled.  She loves digging.

Photo credits:  Momma panda:  Hubby, Playful polar bear:  Reffie


Crystal Jeffers said...

There is NO zoo like the San Diego zoo!

00dozo said...

While visiting Los Angeles some years ago, me and my friend took a day trip to San Diego but chose Sea World instead of the zoo. Next time it will be the zoo trip. But, if you are ever in Toronto and you like zoos, you've got to visit the one there. Evil Twin will love the gibbons.

Anonymous said...

Ee ee ee, ah ah ah, oh oh oh!

That's what the monkeys shrieked when they saw Evil Twin coming at them with the shovel!

I dunno about that Twin. She scares me. A lot.

Unknown said...

Hope you had a wonderful vacation. I've never been to San Diego. Would love to go.

There's nothing more entertaining than watching monkeys hurl feces at tourists. Evil Twin must have been thrilled with the zoo adventure. Any escaped lions while you were there?

Jean Knee said...

maybe it's just me but the shovel feels like a bad omen.......

Marissa said...

That adorable panda poses like a little kid in a photography studio.

I Wonder Wye said...

The San Diego zoo is awesome -- is there a better one in the US? Lucky inhabitants if they have to be in one -- and I suppose they have a cushy life and are happy -- who knows? They try hard to make it a wholesome environment anyway...glad you are back in circulation.

ReformingGeek said...

@Crystal - So true!

@00dozo - We didn't get to Sea World. I think I'd rather go to DisneyLand! I will check out Toronto one of these days.

@Quirky - Evil Twin had to leave her shovel. Don't be scared, Quirky!

@Lauren - Sorry, no adventures with escaped animals.

@Jean - I had to give up the shovel job. Sigh.

@Marissa - Yes, she did. They are adorable.

@Wonder Wye - I think San Diego does an excellent job!

Suzanne said...

I'd be worried about the shovel thing. Probably Hubby talking to the zookeeper too.
Yeah, you should be worried.

Ivy said...

Oh I heart the San Diego zoo! My cousins live just out of San Diego. That was the first zoo I ever went too. It's still my favorite! So glad you had a good time! Can't wait to hear about the fitness conference!

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