Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, This Geek Gives to Three Or More

Welcome to the 2nd day of Christmas here in Geekville.   Evil Twin and I have been out shopping and have once again found the most wonderful gifts for some of my bestest bloggy buddies:

For Lauren over at Think Spin,  you won't believe what I found:

You guessed it.  Star Wars cupcakes.   

Amuse your guests with Luke and Darth Vader playing who has the biggest and most deadly wand.   On another tray, Han and Leia may need to be supervised.  The all-knowing, backwards-speaking Yoda will guide you as you complete your shopping.  "Best gift for me choose".

Also, what's up with the placement of those little sticks holding up the figures? Oh, my, my.

Next is my gift for Ziva at Ziva's Inferno.   She says she has cooties cookies on her blog.  I hope they aren't burning. 

EEEEEK!  Our teeth are too white and we match!

Who can resist these Look-alike nighties modeled by these very happy people?  I hope you enjoy your sleepwear that oddly resembles kitchen curtains.  

I hear it's freakin' cold up in Finland so these garments should come in handy.  Don't have a little tyke?  No problem.   Get one for your significant other or for your girlfriends and have a slumber party.  Don't forget to invite me!

WOWIE!  Look what I've found.  It's a gift for Sue at Farvel Cargo.  I'm so jealous.  I wanted this gift for myself:

These little dolls are pulling at my heartstrings.  I hope you enjoy playing with them.   I DO NOT want to see photos of them hanging by their necks or positioned in the guillotine.  I DEFINITELY DO NOT want to see photos of your dog puking red yarn. 

Last but never least is my present for Leeuna, at My Mind Wandered.

I'm so sorry, Leeuna.  I didn't have enough money so the guy only sold me 1.5 boots.  I know that you are disappointed that one foot will be getting a bit cold the next time you go dancing. I'll do something to make it up to you.

Just in case your dogs are not doing all that they can do to keep you warm, I got you this:

I don't think the girl, her ring, the remote, and thankfully, the couch, come with the Camo Snuggie.  Sorry....again.

Wait.  There's more.  I made one last trip to the store today and found this for 00dozo at When I Reach:

Ah, the perfect gift for someone living in the Bahamas.  I would love to be there with you and warm-up from this chilly weather we're having here in Texas.   Ummmm.... 

Excuse me a sec.


Sorry, one of them escaped and stung me before it shriveled up and died but I assure you that your gift is safe.



That's all for now.  Tune in next week when there may or may not be more gifts!

The 1st day of Christmas selections are available here:

Photo credits:  Camo Girl: Stolen Internet Photo, Williams-Sonoma catalog (Star Wars cupcakes), Vermont Country Store catalog (gowns), all others are from


Anonymous said...

Too cool!

Lucky fools, erm, I mean buddies. *grin*

AND... I so want a skull and crossbones snuggie. Or better: an Ed Hardy snuggie!

Oh yeah!

Unknown said...

Edible Star War's figurines on cupcakes. Thank you so much. Can you eat them without dying? What is up with those strategically placed cupcake pokers?

Although I am appreciative. Right now I could really use one of those Snuggies. It's friggin cold up here in the east.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

This is such a great idea for a series of posts, and you've done a great job of selecting your gifts. Nice thinking, Reffie.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Thanks. You should work on a Zombie Snuggie or hug a Zombie. careful.

@Lauren - You're welcome. Eat the cupcakes. They should help keep you warm. Maybe you could work a trade with Leeuna!

@Mike - Thanks! I am becoming great friends with my scanner.

00dozo said...

Wow, Reffie! Thanks! What a neato and interesting find! And, like BonyMike said, a great idea for a series of posts.

Oh, and just so you are not jealous of me, it does get chilly here because I am on the northernmost island - the temps went below 55F the other night. Yikes! said...

Wow! You are definitely the shopping maven, Reffie. These gifts are so much better than underwear!

Suzanne said...

Dolls? Thank you Carol, I'll play with them every day.

ReformingGeek said...

@00dozo - You are welcome. Brrrrr. That's too cold for the beach!

@Boom-Boom - Yes, indeed. One CAN have too much underwear!

@Sue - Really? That's great. I knew you would like them!

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea. If I wasn't in my lazy mode, I'd steal it.

Nick said...

Man, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish paper-weights...if only I'd patented them when I thought about it 3 years ago

The Old Silly said...

Awesome and thoughtful gifts, Reffie ... you're really in the 'Spirit' this season, lol.

Jean Knee said...

If you wear the cammo snuggi to your cabin in the woods will Dick Cheney shoot you and claim it was an accident?

Leeuna said...

Reffie you are so awesome and the bestest gift giver ever. I love my cammo snuggi. I will wear it when I go hunting with Wayne. Or whenever I want to hide from the family. And I adore the one and a half boots. I've always wanted a pair of those but I never could find them. You are a genius. Thank you. Lots of love and Merry Christmas.

ReformingGeek said...

@Dana - Stop being lazy and steal it.

@Nick - I know what you mean. Somebody else always steals my ideas!

@Marvin - Thanks. I wonder what Santa....Evil Twin will think of for you!

@Jean - That would only happen to you, Jean.

@Leeuna - I'm so glad you like your gifts. I'm still looking for the other half of the boot.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

OMG, you are HYSTERICAL! The camo snuggie, just in case you want to do a little hunting while your sitting on the couch with your remote! Priceless!

Ziva said...

Oh my god, those nighties are hideous! I love them!! Thank you so much, I can't believe you got me a christmas gift. I'm so sending you some cooties...err, cookies. Chocolate chip okay?

MrsBlogAlot said...

Hey gir! Well it looks like Santa's got nothin on you! And I am so jealous of the camo snuggie! My spongebob one has seen better days (-;

Mike said...

Nothing for me?? I am so hurt! :)

ReformingGeek said...

@Joan - Thanks. I can't imagine life without a Camo Snuggie! ;-)

@Ziva - I'm so glad you like your nighties. Evil Twin was thrilled when she found those. Yes, chocolate chip would be awesome!

@MrsBlogalot - It sounds like Santa needs to bring you a Snuggie!

@otin - Evil Twin told me you didn't make a list this year! ;-)

Annah said...

That Snuggie is KILLER. Lovin' it. Seriously.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"