Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life as a Cookie - Chapter Six

Oreo Cat again reports on his life with Reffie, Evil Twin, and Hubby.   Oreo wrote this post from the cabinet above the dryer, laying on the rag towels, examining the paper bags, and chewing on light bulb packages.  All of this while he thinks he's supervising me doing the laundry.

Last week the female got up, peed (with me in her lap of course!) and then did something crazy. She opened the window in the upstairs bathroom. Ooh, ahh. Those outside smells made my tummy grumble. I smelled birds, and squirrels, and armadillos, and possums, and...... Whoa. WHAT'S THAT?

Silly Cat. It was rain. Reffie opened the window to rejoice that we finally got some rain around here. She was walking around singing and dancing, acting very silly. She kept saying that the smell of wet brown grass was a very beautiful thing.

Everything calmed down after that. I'm back to sitting in windows and cooling my belly on the floor. It's FREAKIN' HOT here!
I wish I could get closer to all that food the female seems to enjoy. She sure makes a lot of cookies. I like cookies...and bread...and crackers....and well, just about anything. My latest favorite treat comes right out of the big cold box. I went in there one day. The female wasn't happy with me. She said she might think Oreo means accidentally) close me in there. I don't see the problem.


Anyway, back to my treat. It's small, round, and cold. Reffie pushes a magic button and it jumps out on the floor. I play with it to make her think I'm having fun but I really just want to make sure it's very, very dead. Lick. Lick. Bat. Slurp.

Sheesh. Oreo is trying to say that he likes crushed ice. Reffie gives him a piece and he thinks he's eating something yummy.

I've discovered that the soft cushy large apparatus in the upstairs big room is a fun place to play hide and seek. In the mornings, the female does what she calls "make the bed". I see no sense in this chore as it gets unmade every night. I try to tell her this by jumping around on the the sheets and hiding inside them.

I can't find most of my toys but that's ok because I discovered ink pen. Yes, ink pen is shiny and it rolls around on Reffie's papers on the couch. It brings me seconds of great joy. Sometimes Reffie picks it up and tickles me with it.

She's not tickling you, Goofball. She is trying to write your name on your belly so you won't forget who you are. Just remember that she's a bit strange sometimes. It's the alien probing. It messes with her brain.

Probing? I don't like the sound of that.

Shiny thing. Ooh, ahh. Pounce. Bat. Bat. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!

Something tells me Oreo is finished with this post.


Rob-bear said...

Ah, the mind of a cat in the body of a female Human. Almost as interesting as being a Human in the guise of a Bear.

Belle said...

A cat that likes ice! I well remember cats who love to get under the sheets while I made the bed. :)

Anonymous said...

Oreo had me at probe.


That Oreo, he's a BEAST! And tell him to leave your pens alone! They are a precious commodity at least in my house they are. hee hee

Anonymous said...
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ReformingGeek said...

@Rob-bear - Ah, living your life hiding behind a bear. Sigh.

@Belle - Cats find creative ways to entertain themselves.

@Quirky - I think Oreo will pass on all probing activities. As for the pens, several of them have tooth marks. Hum....

Madge said...

My dogs play hide and seek in the sheets I call it "bugs in a rug" they me to attack them from outside. Glad you finally got some rain.

00dozo said...

Yeah, what's up with the cats and making the bed? Mine get all crazy and snaky and it's a pain in the ass to get them out of there. Sheesh!

Ah, yes. Glorious rain! When it rains here, it makes it a bit cooler for awhile, then the sun comes out. Ugh. But, glad you got some finally. Rain, that is.

Unknown said...

Oreo likes to mess with the human's head.

My dog likes ice cubes, too. In Texas, that's probably a perfect snack.

What is it with animals and making beds? Every time I make the bed, either the dog or cat jumps up to, ahem, help me.

Glad it finally rained down there. Maybe the Navajo rain song helped.

The Constant Complainer said...

Dude, I'm glad you finally got some rain. I've been yelling at Mother Nature to send it your way and stop hammering us here. LOL. Take it and enjoy it! My grass is green now and no more rain is required...

Suzanne said...

My dog comes running every time she hear the ice maker. She's come to enjoy the simple things in life.

Jean Knee said...

I am soooooooo jealous. We still have not had any rain this summer

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"