Friday, January 8, 2010

Week Ending - Pass Go and Collect a Cookie

Thanks to you wonderful bloggy friends I've made it to the second round of Blog-Off 2010. Our next post is due Sunday morning. Tune in and poke fun at my childhood. Afterall, everyone else did. ;-)

Until then, I give you permission to have an extended Happy Hour, starting now. I don't care what you drink, Diet Dr Pepper, Gatorade, Coffee, Warm Blood, etc. Drink whatever you need to help you survive this Artic blast. Wait. Isn't a "blast" supposed to be fun?

Liars. All of them. I always knew Mother Nature was a politician.

Have you noticed the lack of cheer in your fellow man lately? One might think Christmas is over and it's January. Many folks are starting diets and signing up for boot camp. Who am I fooling? I'm about to hit the gym myself. There is a bike and a swimming pool with my name on it. I will sit on the bike and sleep and grab a float for the pool. Just getting there is exercise, right?

I was evil. I made chocolate chip cookies. I labeled them "healthy" chocolate chip cookies since I made them with whole grains (whole wheat flour and oatmeal), reduced the sugar and fat and used organic chocolate chips and added pecans. Sheesh! They are almost calorie-free and believe it or not, they are extremely tasty once you break them up and scatter them over your ice cream.

Just kidding. They are yummy and I didn't have them with ice cream. I had the ice cream by itself.

Healthy cookies? Liars. All of them. I sound like a politician.

It was nice to be back in "the routine" this week but Fridays are always good. It's too cold, though. Anyone want to join me hitchhiking to Hawaii? Let me know if you have any ideas on crossing that big body of water. I don't think I could swim or float quite that far.


Anonymous said...

I could float that far. And it sounds quite relaxing. But can you bring an extra MacBook with wifi? And we could just tie up about 100 six-packs of DDP to float along with us!

I'm in! Howz about you? hee hee

Chris said...

Good luck in Round Two, Reffie! You can do it!

The Old Silly said...

Well if your chocolate chip cookies are as good as your rum balls, The Old Silly sez there ain't nothing evil 'bout 'em - go on 'n' indulge!

Anonymous said...

Can I have a cookie?

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - That sounds like a great plan. DDP, Macs, and some cookies. We're good.

@Mr. Knucklehead - I'm looking forward to it.

@Marvin - Hubby liked them so they passed inspection. My last batch of Kahlua balls were awesome!

@Random - Yes. Go to your browser settings. There should be some references to cookies there. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Today in Florida is ALMOST as bad as a day in Indiana. 20 degrees below normal here and NO Floridian knows how to handle it.

If they ever figure out that Joe and I brought this cold weather down from Indiana, we're going to have to join you in Hawaii. said...

Hitchhiking to Hawaii sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Maybe we can build a raft out of our old Dr Pepper cans.

Ed said...

Why is always warm blood. Doesn't anyone like their blood cold anymore?

UberGrumpy said...

No! Not the gym! After all I've told you. Well, take the cookies with you

Kelly P said...

Hmmmm! Escaping to Hawaii.That sounds like fun!Load up on Quirky's diet Dr.P's,bring along the choclate chip cookies,bring the sun tan oil and float in the sun to Hawaii. HEY! I'M IN!!! HA,HA

ReformingGeek said...

@CatLady - I think we will have a great time on the float.

@Dana - Glad you are joining us.

@VE - It's too cold for cold blood.

@Uber - Yes, I'm taking the cookies. None for you. ;-)

@Donna - Yea! The more the merrier.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Because of the DDP, you can eat chocchippies free of guilt! (I should know). And I like to crumble pretzels on my chocolate ice cream, but when I'm dieting I use Special K. Sadly, I am not even kidding. If you hitch to Hawaii, can I hide in the bushes and jump out when the truckers stop? Because nobody's stopping for me while I'm on this ice cream and cookie diet. Largeasse? Me too.

Unknown said...

oooo i wanna cookie....YAY on making it to the second round...what do i need to do to get you to the final round ? walk around in my fleshies?

honeypiehorse said...

Congratulations! Round 2!

ReformingGeek said...

@Kablooey - Pretzels on ice cream? Hum..... If you have largeasse, you will float easier. You are most welcome on the raft.

@Georgie - I will slide a few across the border for your dining pleasure. You in your fleshies might be useful for the hitchhiking!

@honeypie - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

First, congratulations on getting to Round 2.

Second, how cold is it there in Texas? It's 16 F here in Pa. today, with a wind chill of 0. I know it's not bad compared to places in the Midwest, but just wondering what you consider cold. :)

Suzanne said...

I'm in on the trip to Hawaii. Please make room for me on the Dr.Pepper can raft, if there isn't room I have quite a collection of misc. cans in the garage, we haven't put them out for recycle lately. I knew they'd come in handy one day.

Jean Knee said...

yea round two! boo coldness

stone the liars

ReformingGeek said...

@unfinishedriddler - Thanks. We were at 17 degrees this morning with no wind. That's cold for us.

@Sue - Yea! Glad you're with us on the raft. Please bring all of your cans. We may have to make them into sharp instruments to stab fishies for food.

@Jean - Thanks and stop throwing stones at me. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I want to go hitchhiking in Hawaii...not sure my boss will go for it but hey ho!

Vicky said...

Congrats on getting through. Really enjoy your blog. Friday's are great x

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