Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Arrives, Sinks Sedan, While Geek in Strange Clothing Rants On

It's rained so much out here that our yards are soggy.  One of my neighbors got a little over-excited about spring and decided to mow using his riding mower.  Surprise.  Surprise.  It got stuck in his front yard. 

Then he must have swallowed an insanity pill because he tried to rescue the lawn mower with his CAR.  That's right.  CAR.  No, not his truck, but a 2-door sedan, an older vehicle he's had sitting around for awhile.  Um....gee, guess what happened?

Yes, indeedy.  It's stuck, too.

One of my azaleas has bloomed.  It must be confused.   The daffodils aren't even finished yet!

Yes, those are leaves in the background.  Anytime you guys want to show up with brooms and rakes is fine with me!

Ok. Ok.  On with the rant:

Did you know that Natatoriums have Nazis?  I think these are the same type of people that must work at schools herding rowdy little kiddies in and out of the building, monitoring the lunch room, jumping out from behind potted plants scaring children, etc.   

When I went to the local Natatorium to pick up my race packet for Sunday's triathlon, I encountered such a person.  She will be known as NN, the Natatorium Nazi.

Yeah, N-squared.  I caught that.

The packet pick-up area was in a crowded part of the lobby.  Yes, that was the first problem.  There wasn't much space to wait your turn so there was little bit of a line.  We were standing in line chatting about the race but apparently we weren't doing it right.  NN got all huffy and fussy because we weren't keeping the line moving.  She said that people were having to stand outside.  HEAVENS TO BETSY!  WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?  It's 65 degrees and dry.  We won't freeze or melt or did I miss recent reports of zombie activity in the area?

These are ADULTS that are competing in a triathlon.  I think we can handle it, NN. 

Maybe she thought we were sheep?

Beware of wolves, NN.

NN was also instructing us as to where we could or could not fill out forms.   Yes, another problem.  We were told to go across the room to use the tables to fill out the forms.  Of course nobody was doing this.  We were using whatever we could find as a hard surface and NN made her displeasure known! about providing a table close to the pick-up area?   


I was trying to picture myself calm and at peace but thoughts of NN falling into the pool, falling under the wheels of a bus, being strangled with a race T-shirt, writing "I will not be rude" on the board 1000 times, tripping over a potted plant,  etc., kept coming into my mind.  

For shame.

Finally, Sunday's race is another costume race in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Here is my expression of a Scottish lass bringing snakes to Ireland:

Again. For shame.

All of you Irish out there, please stop throwing things at me. 

Photos:  ReformingGeek


Funnyrunner said...

oh my gosh! You had me at "my azaleas are blooming" !!! No azaleas around here until the beginning of May - and that's if the snow ever melts.

LOVE the outfit.

sewa mobil said...

nice new hair in green
it is very charming

Anonymous said...

Baaaa. Baaaaa.

Would you like me to sic a zombie on NN?

I will!

You just let me know!

Good luck on yer triathingamajig! What happens when your wig falls off? hee hee

Unknown said...

Must have pics of your intelligent
Love your extreme thoughts of torture for NN
You look so very Irish (uh, not)
At least the rain is better than snow, right? (((HUGS)))

Ziva said...

NN is a perfect example of what happens to kids who are never allowed to play with matches.

Love the outfit! Very avant-garde.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Wow! Did you get that outfit from Frederick's of Hollywood? I don't think HOT captures the fullness of the impact that it has..... ;)

honeypiehorse said...

Wow, spring came fast once the snow stopped. Nice hair. Poor car.

Leeuna said...

Awwh, You're so cute in your plaids and that green hair is just to-die-for. Happy racing. Maybe NN should have to come and pull your neighbor out of the mud.

Chaotically Calm said...

I was hoping to see a picture of the genius neighbor or at least the car and the mower stuck in the lawn.

None of the spring flowers are blooming around these parts just yet could be because we still have piles of snow on the ground.

Good luck with the race. Love the wonders if it's secure while you run?

MrsBlogAlot said...

Where is the neighbor video? You could have won some kind of prize I'm sure!

Unknown said...

Good luck in the race! Love the new hair-do.

ReformingGeek said...

@Funnyrunner - Thanks. I was surprised that this azalea bloomed. It's really too early!

@sewa - Thanks. I love wigs!

@Quirky - Yes, please send zombies but just in case my wig does fall off, make sure your zombies know that I'm not lunch.

@Collette - I know. I should have got a photo. I was afraid I couldn't take one without being spotted! Yes, rain is better than snow. Sigh.

@ziva - Thanks. Yes, maybe she should have been given some matches as a child. Then again, she might have burned her house down or something.

@Mike - Hot? Yeah, Baby. ;-)

@honeypie - Thanks. We will probably have a couple more cold spells but yeah, spring is upon us.

@Leeuna - Thanks. Good idea, NN needs to get a life and helping others is a great way to start.

@Chaotic - Thanks. Sorry, I didn't get up the street in time. The car has been rescued. I hope it's not windy or the wig will be in the creek. I may wear a ball cap!

@MrsBlogalot - Yeah, well, I'm sure he will do something amusing again. Maybe I will be brave enough to get the photo!

ReformingGeek said...

@Amy - Thanks!!

Marvin D Wilson said...

Yeah, we all seem to run into NN's in our lives, hmm? Jerks. Hey LOVE the new look. It's YOU, Reffie!

The Old Silly

~T~ said...

NN's are a test of our patience, sometimes I find it hard for me not to have my thoughts of what to do to them.

Nice shirt I want one


meleah rebeccah said...

I just LOVE the green wig/hair for the St Pattys day race!

you neighbor wins the 'brilliant moron' award!

Mike said...

It would be really funny if they got something else stuck trying to pull the car out! haha!

ReformingGeek said...

@Marvin - Thanks. I guess we could all learn to handle it better. My methods are unfortunately against the law. ;-)

@Doctor Zen - Thanks. CafePress has the shirt.

@Meleah - Thanks! Yeah, that was not the brightest idea to use the car.

@Otin - Yes, I was curious as to what would happen next but it seems he was able to get the car unstuck. The mower is still in the yard, though.

Bee said...

Yeah our yard is very swamp-like right now.

RG, can I talk you into a nice nap instead of a marathon?

Nooter said...

oooh, a nap. what a great idea.

UberGrumpy said...

That's some wig! How could anyone be rude to you in that wig?

What's a natatatatatorium?

ReformingGeek said...

@Bee - Squish. Squish. I will nap when I get back. No doubt!

@Nooter - Zzzzzz

@UberGrumpy - I think she might have hit me had I been wearing the wig. A natatorium is a swim center, usually with an "Olympic-size" pool.

I Wonder Wye said...

Cool outfit! You'd make me run faster anyway! I am hosting our monthly 'Witches of Wye' bash next Friday and making Irish stew and giving out shamrocks for favors......

gayle said...

Cute little outfit!!

Skye said...

Why does the song "I don't know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she'll die!" come to mind when reading about the car getting stuck trying to get the lawn mower out of it's predicament?

Any-who's-it, good luck with NN if you come across her during the actual triathlon, try not to let Evil Twin do anything I wouldn't do :D

OH yeah, good luck with the race as well!

ReformingGeek said...

@Wonder Wye - Thanks. Irish Stew sounds yummy!

@Gayle - Thanks.

@Skye - Thanks! I don't know. Why does it? ;-)

Unknown said...

Medusa gone green. No, no. Erin go lightly. Oh, that's Holly Golightly. Eirinn go brach. Love the green do. Happy trails!

Finally got the Beautiful Blogger Award up at my blog. Thanks again! First thing I've posted in days.

Marissa said...

NN should work at the Nag-atorium. Maybe she'll get trampled at the race.

ReformingGeek said...

@Lauren - Thanks, Beautiful One!

@Marissa - Yeah, I hope she's not married. I think she slept thru the race! Fortunately, I didn't see her.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That is the best running costume I've ever seen.

As for NN, there's one in every crowd. I believe ignoring them makes them the angriest, which is a wonderful way to get them. Yes, I have much experience with this.

Me-Me King said...

Aren't neighbors a trip? I'm rolling just thinking about how you must have been peeking out your window to watch this- green hair and all.

So, I see Quirky has expanded her services to Zombie for hire - nom, nom, nom.

Deb said...

I never heard of a "natatorium". "Sanatorium" yes. You have natas there? You poor thing.

I'm green with envy over that outfit...especially the hair.

UberGrumpy said...

Yes, but what's a natatatatatorium? Or did I just make that up?

Anonymous said...

After being scared of water all my life, I taught myself how to swim in Florida. Now I'll never experience the joy and freedom again in INDIANA.....but I never did learn how to "steer". I would have drowned in the same pool with those idiots.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"