Monday, September 15, 2008

Mrs. White with the Lead Pipe

What's in post title anyway?

Hubby and I were discussing the movie CLUE over dinner one night. In case you are CLUE-less, you can read all about it. In a nutshell, it's about people with less-than-stellar lifestyles coming together at a scary old house with a storm brewing. Someone meets an early death. The classic who-done-it unfolds. The movie came out in late 1985. Hubby and I had just had our first date. It was Christmas light viewing and we were crazy enough to go on December 23rd. We sat in traffic but at least it gave us time to talk. And, yes, the lights were cool.

"Can that be called a date?", hubby asked.
"Absolutely", I replied, remembering that I didn't have many dates back then.

We saw the movie together at the theater but I obviously can't remember a thing.....can't even remember what ending was shown. At dinner I kept talking about Mr. Peabody and hubby finally said "WHO IS THAT?" with that "your nuts" look on his face so I had to go to Wikipedia and remind myself of the characters of the movie. It's really Mrs. Peacock and her "lifestyle issue" was bribery.

Hubby confessed to a big crush on Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren in the movie). She's a gorgeous red-head and runs a brothel....enough said. I can say that my hair is sometimes reddish brown (thanks to a secret formula only known to my hairstylist) and I think I look OK but I can't say that gorgeous has even been used to describe me. (Now I'm sure folks were just being discreet and didn't want me to get all conceited). I did have a guy tell me today that I look as good as the 27-year girl I'm filling in for at the fitness center where I'm working this week. I don't believe it. I could be her mom. That guy has got the flattery thing down good or maybe he needs some glasses.

I remember playing the CLUE board game quite a bit as a kid. I loved the cute little weapons and the color-themed characters. I also liked CANDYLAND and was very jealous of my best friend who had that game. Please realize this was few years earlier than my CLUE days. Then there's OPERATION. I can't forget that awful "squawk" when you touched the sides. I wasn't very steady with my hands so I decided surgery wasn't in my future. Seems like there was some game that had a buzzer in the middle that you pushed. I think it was called TROUBLE. I liked it.

Then there was TWISTER in Junior High and the occasional Spin-the-Bottle at parties (don't tell my mom). Yes, I know it's not really a board game. I eventually matured into the video game circuit when DONKEY KONG came out or was it PACMAN? Maybe both. I think there may have been a game of PONG in there somewhere. My brother and I thought that was great stuff.

Board games are classy. My family enjoys a good game of Scrabble when we visit at Christmas. I see some interesting board games at the stores and there seems to be a Monopoly for everything now. I can't imagine that Trivial Pursuit will ever leave us. I remember when I first starting working, folks played Trivial Pursuit during lunch. Hubby was quite good at it. I suck at it.

What are some others you like?

Finally, Hollywood should stay away from making movies out of board games. CLUE was not that great of a movie.


Deb said...

"Trouble"! My dad and I would have killer Trouble tournaments when I was a kid. I carried the tradition on with my son and that game is right here in my living room (with 3" of dust on the box"). We also did Poker for Pennies nights - that was a lot of fun!

"Operation" is what gave me coronary disease at the age of 8. Damn that game.

Loved A Barrel Full of Monkeys, Pick Up Sticks, and Connect Four (the latter from my son's era).

The old standard though was a jigsaw puzzle that the whole family would do. When my son was at the age where kids can't be seen in public with moms,I'd start a puzzle on the kitchen table. I'd sit there working on it and eventually he would come over and join me. This would lead to lots of conversations between us - which were nonexistent the rest of the day!

You just brought back some great memories!

Deb said...

Me again -

I tried to vote for your post the other day Humor-Blogs says you are not listed. Ditto today. I searched for your blog by its name, and came up with nothing - oh no!! You deserve a Smiley!

ReformingGeek said...

deb - thanks. How could I forget puzzles? I loved puzzles! Thanks for the Smiley attempt. I'll look into the Humor-Blogs situation.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"