Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wanted: 12-step program

Oh, no. I can't believe I've become addicted to blogging. Is there a 12-step program to help my latest obsession? I know. I've only posted a few times but what can I say? I never thought I had that addictive personality but maybe after you pass 40, along with short-arm disease, parent-child role reversal, and CRS disease, other weird stuff starts happening to you. Or maybe it's a secret cry for attention or some kind of delusion that I can actually write something other than a requirements document (oops, sorry about that, just a throwback to my former life as a IT Analyst).

Yes, I've noticed the signs of too much time online around our household:
  • Cat seems thinner lately: Maybe forgot to feed it so it has to fend for itself stalking kittens.

  • Hubby not thinner lately: Poor thing must be resorting to junk food, wife too busy surfing for funny blogs.
  • Hubby's wardrobe seems neglected; shirts wrinkled, clothes smell funny: Laundry and pressing.... SAY WHAT? GO AWAY. GEEK TYPING HERE!
  • What's that throbbing in my eyes and that hunched over forward movement in my upper body? Why am I squinting? I was starting to feel so much better before this setback!
  • Why are the squirrels chasing me again? Oh yeah. Your water bowls (birdbaths) are dry. Sorry guys.
  • Hubby has replaced endearing terms such as "Hon" or "Sweetheart" with "Miss Blogs-A-Lot": Hum....sounds jealous and who wears the geek pants around here anyway?

Whew! I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

I realize that I probably won't be able to post as often as I want. I have this strange aversion to lack of sleep. I really do occasionally have to work. I've got vacation coming up and I'm anxiously awaiting the fall season on television. Well, to be honest, I'm ready for Heroes to come back. I think I have to wait awhile for Lost and 24.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

It's the nature of blogging. It is highly addictive even to those who don't have that tendancy.


ReformingGeek said...

Angie: Thanks for the comment!

Machinist said...

I sure hope you don't find that twelve step program. I'm selfish and I just found your blog. I love it!
Thank you, Ma'am. (I followed your link from Meadowlark's blog but You are bookmarked now.)

Anonymous said...

Will you even see this comment? Seriously, it was funny and I'm glad I didn't see it BEFORE I wrote mine that way you can't accuse me of plaigarism!

Just kidding!

Eventually we all talk about the same stuff! Right?


ReformingGeek said...

@Quirkyloon - What a surprise! I can't believe you found this post. You're right. I think we do eventually talk about the same things!

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"