Monday, September 22, 2008

Purple Mountains

Update: Waterfall hike pictures, Pagosa Springs, CO

Greetings from Colorado! Hubby and I have spent the last couple of days in Pagosa Springs on our way to Estes Park for the yoga and beer party (uh...I mean serious yogi conference). We stopped in Santa Fe before we came here.

We lost all of our marbles in Santa Fe. We decided that a 7-mile trek to the top of a mountain was a good idea. It was beautiful but it just kept going up and then up again and again until finally, we were at the top. We were were passed by a girl in flip-flops but we noticed she didn't try the wicked switchbacks that made up the last 2 miles! Topping off that hike by guzzling a margarita at our favorite Mexican food place made it very clear that we really weren't playing with a full deck. High altitude, dehydration and alcohol.......duh.

Thanks to Wit's Bitch's LOL cat, we recovered, found our marbles, and enjoyed a nice drive to Pagosa Springs. We are still in search of a great Mexican food place here but the hike we did today has made up for it. It was only a 6-miler (felt longer) with great views and an unusual waterfall at the end. Hubby has the pictures and one of these days you might see them.....all 1000. You will soon receive an invite to the slide show. Just kidding, just a few pictures will be posted. I promise.

Back to the waterfall. It starts as a thin stream but about 1/2 way down, the wind blows the water away from the rock. Then it finds the rock again and spreads out like a windshield before it hits the stream. Simple things can be so special.

The weather has been great and we hope it continues. We don't ask for much. We just like to stay dry on long hikes. Wet boots and wet undies are not fun. If that happens, we'll just have to have more alcohol to drown our sorrows.

And yes, the mountains really are purple.


Machinist said...

I try to avoid going out when the evil orb is in the sky but the scenery sounds beautiful. I look forward to seeing pictures and I hope you have a great time.

Chat Blanc said...

oh your trip sounds awesome and beautiful! although I'll skip the 7 mile, up a mountain hike. ;)

thanks for the linky love! :D


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