Friday, April 2, 2010

Prezzies, Plots, and Puns

Hubby was good to me.  I got a new kitty for my birthday!

He looks a bit cold.  That snow and ice won't be good for snuggling against me on the couch.

What?  I'm NOT getting a snow leopard?

Oh.  SoftWARE not soft animal.


I also got a new iPod.  My old shuffle has been wet too many times and doesn't like to hold a charge.  It also expects me to guess when it will play and it when it won't.  Perhaps it also has an evil twin.  This new one has the controls on the ear buds so I can no longer wear the cord under my shirt when I'm running.  I think I may end up like this:

Poor "feller". RIP Fido.  He wasn't much of a running partner anyway, always expecting to be carried.


Yes, we had a great time on my birthday.  We went out for Japanese Hibachi and contrary to popular belief I DID NOT dance on the table and the chef DID NOT sever (or serve) any limbs or digits even though he was being a little too playful with his sharp knives.   Evil Twin was beside herself during dinner, obviously over-excited watching the cutting and slicing.

I had Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert.  YUM!

I can't believe Easter is upon us.  What happened to winter?

Surely, I didn't just say that.

My mom gave me that orchid for my birthday and one of my yoga students gave me the rose.   You can see the orchid better in this shot:

As you can barely see, I also have a few Easter decorations....and a bad habit of keeping all my eggs in one basket.

Yeah, that was bad.  Sorry.


Evil Twin and I are excited about the expected visit of the Easter Bunny on Sunday.  I have asked for more Green Tea Ice Cream.  Evil Twin has asked for a knife sharpener.

I think Evil Twin and Cat are secretly conspiring to capture this elusive hopping beast that is somehow able to deliver goodies.  They have been up at all hours having what they think are secret meetings.  Also, Evil Twin keeps trying to tell me that there really isn't such a thing as an Easter Bunny. 

Um....she's just messing with me, right?



Then again, if THIS is the Easter Bunny that will be visiting, I will let him have my ice cream and Evil Twin and Cat can execute their plan that I'm not supposed to know about.

Have a great weekend and if you celebrate Easter, HAPPY EASTER!

Photo credits:  Snow kitty:  Apple, psycho bunny:  some email, all others:  Reffie


Ziva said...

Lord, that's a scary bunny. Taking candy from that would be worse than taking candy from a stranger, I'm just saying. I'm glad you had a good time on your birthday. :)

Jean Knee said...

my uncle used to tell us he ran over the easter Bunny.

he also told us he hid an egg outside with a $50.00 bill inside so we'd stay outside looking for it all day.

The Constant Complainer said...

Happy Birthday, Reforming Geek!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Im so glad you enjoyed your birthday. And, how awesome to a get a new iPod! YAY!

PS: I *heart* Japanese Hibachi.

Leeuna said...

Glad you had a good birthday, Reffie. Don't listen to Evil Twin. There is so too an Easter Bunny. She's just messin' with you.

I've never had green tea ice cream. It sounds interesting. I love green tea.

Happy Easter to you, too.

Mike said...

Happy Easter to you! The Easter bunny never brings me anything! LOL

ReformingGeek said...

@Ziva - Thanks. Yeah, that bunny looks evil.

@jean - Your uncle was smart!

@Constant - Thanks.

@meleah - Thanks. Yeah. I tried it out today. It's great!

@Leeuna - Thanks! I'm glad you cleared up that bunny confusion.

@otin - Thanks. Have you ever asked him for anything?

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter! Wow. You are brave allowing Evil Twin to accompany you to an hibachi restaurant. She must have been disappointed by the lack of human carnage.

MrsBlogAlot said...

Sounds like you had a birthday bash! Great for you!!

That evil twin better stop messin with you!

Have a great Easter girl!

Evil Easter Bunny Twin said...

Happy birthday, Reffie, and watch how many table dances you do this NEXT year ...


ReformingGeek said...

@Lauren - Thanks. She was but I let her play with a knife to console her.

@Thanks. Even Cat had a great time!

@Evil Marv - I'll just keep that to myself, 'K?

Moonrayvenne said...

Happy Birthday, if I didn't say it the other day!
My, that is one hell of a scary, evil bunny. Related to Evil Twin, perhaps?
Glad you had a nice time. Stop by my blog for a present!!! (((HUGS)))

Brian Miller said...

happy easter and thats got to be one of the scriest easter bunnies...ever...

K A B L O O E Y said...

That Bunny's freaking. ME OUT!!
On happier note, love the micro-decorations. Very tasteful. Hope you get more green tea ice cream for Easter. (Sentence that's never been written before.)

Bee said...

Feliz Dia de Pascua!

And a happy belated birthday!

And congrats on your new iPod!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love Japanese hibachi and green tea ice cream. But that rabbit looks like it ought to be served on the hibachi.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Oh, happy birthday, by the way. If there is such a thing after 25. I don't believe in the Easter Bunny or happy birthdays after 25, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom just to wish you the bestest, nicest, wonderfulest, kindest, smartest, and NOT geekiest blogger buddy a very happy belated b-day!

That's quite a kitty you got there! What does he eat?

Happy Belated Birthday!

Deb said...

I know you probably want to increase your iron intake and minerals, but eating a hibachi? I hope your teeth are OK.

ReformingGeek said...

@Collette - Thank you! I LUV PREZZIES!

@Brian - That bunny is unbelievable.

@Kablooey - Thanks. Yeah, somebody with PMS must have designed that bunny. If I can't have green tea ice cream, I'll just have green tea!

@Bee - Thanks!!!

@Mike - Yeah, burning that costume might take care of the problem, too. What? No Easter Bunny or birthdays? What kind of Scrooge are you?

@Quirky - Oh, thank you so much. I've missed your quirky comments. Roar. ROAR! Excuse me while I tame kitty. OK. Yes, um, what to feed that kitty.....before he eats us, one limb at a time.

Me-Me King said...

Maybe this kitty would make a great training device for your marathon training. If that thing were after me I'd surely run like hell!!! said...

Evil Bunnies! Yikes! Wait... was that a Quirky spotting? (I think the Evil Bunny got her and that's why she hasn't been around.) Come back, Quirky!

ReformingGeek said...

@Me-Me - If that thing were chasing me, I'd win the marathon!

@CatLady - Yeah, that Evil Bunny munched on our pretty little zombie Quirky but I think she got away!

Skye said...

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
Hippo Birdie Two Ewe
Hippo Birdie Dear Reffie
Hippo Birdie Two Ewe!

Reffie! (Sorry no Easter Bunnies in the song :D )

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend, mine is full of work and weird The best part is that I get to enjoy the biggest raptor migration in the world. The bad part is that I can't even blog about it because I can't access my "new post" page for some strange and obscure reason!

Anyway, Happy Birthday and Happy Easter my Dear!

Laura E. Sanchez said...

oh the Easter bunny looks a little bit scary, but the girl looks fine, she looks like she is having fun, so Happy Easter


ReformingGeek said...

@Skye - Thank you! I've missed you. I would love to see the raptors. Too bad about the posting.

@Laura - Kids are clueless. That's probably a good thing.

sewa mobil said...

Maybe this kitty would make a great training device for your marathon training. If that thing were after me I'd surely run like hell!!!

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"