Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Wormcicles, Batman!

Welcome to Texas, where it is usually tolerable during the winter.   Our metropolitan area is hosting the Super Bowl this year so what does Ms. Fickle M. Nature do to celebrate the occasion?  That's right.  She hooked up with Mr. Freeze (yes, in the biblical way) and hosed down most of Texas.  Ok, she sprayed most of the USA, THAT MENOPAUSAL WITCH!

The show must go on, though.   Yesterday, the talking heads showed us coverage of the police escorting the Packers' buses on the icy roads.  They were headed to the stadium for Media Day.   Evil Twin was hoping to see the cop cars spin-out and crash into the guardrails like everyone else yesterday morning.

Nothing happened.  Zzzzzz.

We have a big bay window in our kitchen area and I've enjoyed watching the birds peck for worms in the snow.  Hubby coined their potential food as wormcicles.  Hee Hee.  We even have one little guy camp out by the back door, enjoying the warm air oozing through to the outside.

No, this isn't me and this isn't the back-door-begging bird 
but the bird was similar in size and shape to this one. 
I think this guy just wanted a hand-out (pun intended).

Today, with a low temperature of about 10, the sounds of silence stirred us out of our warm cozy bed.  The power was out.  No whirs or roars from the heaters.  No comforting buzz from the fridge.   


I was looking forward to my hot tea.  Fortunately, we were only out for about 30 minutes or so and when we turned on the TV, we heard all about the "rolling black-outs" mandated by a state governing organization.  


I have not left the house since Monday.  The gym where I teach has been closed and I didn't have to buy food like it was the last time I'd ever have a chance to do so.  Local schools have also been closed. 

Monday was a nice day, though, as it was my 24th wedding anniversary.  Hubby and I celebrated by exchanging cards, kisses and chocolate.  I also got a really big book with gorgeous photos! We plan on a dinner out sometime this weekend.

This photo is part of the card I got for Hubby.  I love the "Soul Mateys" boat name.

Stay warm!

Bird in hand photo from Abrilon on


Madge said...

Happy anniversary Reffie!! 24 years! wow, that's somethin'!
Sorry it's been so cold, stay safe on the crazy roads.

Ziva said...

Happy anniversary! Wow, your marriage is almost as old as I am. That's impressive. I'd say something about the cold, but 10 degrees sounds nice and warm so I'm just going to smile and wave.

Paula Wooters said...

Happy Anniversary, Reffie! But seriously, rolling black-outs? Hope that doesn't interfere with your anniversary dinner!

Random Chick said...

My BFF lives in Chicago and they have birdcicles to go with the wormcicles. I'm so very happy that I live in the land of surfer dudes and dumb asses here in California. Soon we'll be an island and we won't have to go anywhere.

Happy Anniversary! I love the "soul mateys" card! Where did you get it? Our anniversary is coming up and that card would be perfect!!!!

The Old Silly said...

10 degrees and snow in Texas - wow - and sound like you're making the best of it. I have a brother (raised with all of us siblings in Michigan) who's lived all his adult life in Dallas and he gets the shivers up here in michigan when it dips below 50, lol.

Kudos on 24 years! And hey - you gonna GO to the Super Bowl?

Mama-Face said...

I almost had to stop reading when I saw the words Menopausal Witch cuz I thought you were talking about me and then I thought wow that would be cool if she were talking about me...

Just like where you live, it's 10 degrees here-which is weird since I'm, what, like 700 miles north of you?Stupid global warming.

hahahaha I thought the Super Bowl was over and done with. Pass me the nachos.

ReformingGeek said...

@Madge - Thanks. Yeah, the roads are awful. We could use some serious sanding!

@Ziva - You probably break out the shorts when it's 10 degrees!

@Paula - Hopefully, by then it will be well above freezing!

@Random - They probably have cowcicles, too. ARG! I will come visit you on your island.

@Marvin - It IS cold below 50. ;-)

@Mama-face - Haha. You are hilarious. We wish you could have kept your 10 degrees to yourself!

Super Bowl over? I wish. ;-)

MrsBlogAlot said...

Wow! 24 years and not one homicide! That is awesome! Congratulations!!!

We are so full of ice and snow here I can't tell when I'll be leaving my house again. I've been online looking for houses in Florida all morning. It's like my annual warm weather lottery dream.

Evil Twin would love the road sliding action up here yo!

Unfinished Rambler said...

I left the house today, but only because it was for a work assignment - and I need the money. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone out either. Roads weren't that bad, but I just prefer staying inside this time of year. :)

Unknown said...

Happy 24th!!! My husband and I celebrated 25 last year. He hasn't killed me yet, so life is good.

I can't believe it's so friggin cold down there. Isn't that against the law or something? I'll put in a good word for you to my direct supervisor, O. God.

I've been home since Monday, too, though I did attempt a break out yesterday. I made it to the bottom of the snow encrusted road and was advised to turn around by my boss, not O God, the flesh and blood one.

Stay warm and lit, ambient or otherwise.

ReformingGeek said...

@MrsBlogalot - So far.... Forget Florida. Let's move to Maui.

@Unfinished - I can't say I blame you. It's freaking cold everywhere.

@Lauren - Thanks! Yeah, please tell O. God just what he can do with this weather. ;-) Ah, yeah, "lit". Now THAT'S a great idea. I think I remember some wine....

Deb said...

Hey, you didn't know Texas and Maine merged? It's 15 degrees here, woo hoo! Break out the shorts!

That birdie looks like a chickadee - same bird that graces the Maine license plate. At least they're cute.

Happy anniversary to you and hubby! That deserves a Woo Hoo, too!

Anonymous said...

Holey Smoley, Spicey Guacamole! Them's arctic temperatures. Congrats on nearly a quarter-century of marriage!!

Tgoette said...

Happy Anniversary Reffie! 24 years! Awesome! I know what you mean by cold! It's supposed to dip down into the mid 40's tonite. Definitely a night to add a blanket! Try to stay warm and enjoy your anniversary dinner!

Leeuna said...

Wormcicles. That's funny.

Happy anniversary. Mine and Wayne's 13th anniversary is on the eleventh of this month. Stay warm. Those rolling blackouts suck.

ReformingGeek said...

@Deb - Thanks! I think the bird brought us this nasty stuff. The bright red cardinals are also out trying to find something to swallow.

@Jamie - I guess that's why they call it an Arctic Blast! Thanks for the well wishes but a quarter of a century? Now I feel old!

@Tom - Thanks. I'll be right over to enjoy the mid-40's.

@Leeuna - Thanks. I'll raise a glass to you and Wayne for 13.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 24 years! Yee haw! (and a hee haw!)


And please do me a solid and keep that cold stuff OVER THERE!

It's a balmy 37 degrees over here.

In other words: I'm FREEZING!

hee hee

Even the zombies are settling down, can't say the same for Evil Twin, eh?


00dozo said...

Happy Anniversary, Reffie!

I heard about the snow and storms in Texas. Yowzers! If it's any consolation, it generally snows when the Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl (The Grey Cup) rolls around. It makes for interesting plays.

Stay warm!

honeypiehorse said...

I love staying in in winter. Kids make you go outside. :-(

Marissa said...

10 degrees! My teeth would chip from chattering. Happy Anniversary. May you and Hubby's lips be frozen and locked in a kiss til Spring.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Thanks. I hope the colder weather stayed away from you. Evil Twin made snow devils as landing pads for the aliens.

@00dozo - Thanks. It's much better today although we expect a repeat performance later in the week. Ick. Enough already.

@honeypie - Outside for a few minutes of playing in the snow is enough for me!

@Marissa - Thanks. We are enjoying much warmer weather today!

I Wonder Wye said...

Heard about those rolling brown-outs..they suck...though if they keep people in electricity I guess they're necessary...Yikes this weather! I haven't been outside any more than necessary either, though tomorrow I suppose I need to go to the grocery since it's supposed to snow yet again this week...congrats on your anniversary! Great show~

Mike said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary! 10 degrees sucks! said...

So... are you out of the deep freeze yet, Reffie? I just realized my last comment had my "work identity" on it. Shhh! Don't tell!

Jean Knee said...

OMFG 24 years? We will have 20 yrs next January.

we don't exchange anything on our anniversary

ReformingGeek said...

@Wonder Wye - Thanks. I'm sending positive thoughts for warmer weather for you!

@otin - Thanks. Yeah, 10 is really bad. I think I could handle 11, though.

@Paula - Got warmer, now cold again. Working Paula? EEEEK!

@Jean - OMG 20 years? YIKES!

valentine's day offer said...

Happy Anniversary, Reffie

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Ziva's a nasty bitch, isn't she?

Congratulations, Reffie. 24 is quite an accomplishment, especially when you're stuggling with the weather.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"