Sunday, September 20, 2009

As the Weird Spin Around Us Eating Stew and Seeing Ghosts

If you haven't eaten, keep reading. I've got something that I'm sure you will enjoy.



Remember all my talk about animals chasing me and animals that I encounter flattened on the road?

That's right. Roadkill. Yum! I was working on a stew recipe but someone beat me to it:

Yep. Made in Maine but I'm sure Texas has their own version!


That is Moose Pee in the background and will serve as your beverage. Enjoy. Be sure to click on the photo to see all the gory details (and Hubby's hand).

My humblest apologies for that awful meal but please blame
VE. After reading one of his recent posts, I remembered I had those photos.

Waiting for the Weird

If you get bored waiting for your flight, plant yourself just outside the security checkpoint and you won't have to wait long for entertainment. Seriously, a girl went through security wearing these shoes:

I didn't see how long it took her to put them back on after she was done.

A Ghostly Encounter

I was at a fitness instructor training workshop awhile back. I usually meet up with people I know from previous workshops. Sure enough, I see several folks I know and we start talking as we are signing in and meeting the instructor. Then the instructor's assistant looks up and the conversation goes about like this:

"Hi *Carol!"
Me: Giving her the "I think I know you" look.

"I remember you from last year in Austin."
Continuing to give her the "I think I know you look" and starting to grunt things like hum, um, er....

Assistant: "You look my my mom."
Changing the look to "WTF" and making faces and grunting trying to find an excuse. Surely, I need to pee or something.

"Yeah. She's dead now but...."
Finally responding with "Um, Wow!" and mumbling "Is there a bar nearby?"

*That's what my mom named me. If my dad had named me, I'd be Leticia. Hum....

What's the strangest thing someone has said to you recently?

Photo credit: Roadkill: ReformingGeek at a "homemade" shop in Maine.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I knew you "fitness" people could be weird, but yeesh! She takes the non-fat cake!

Is there such a thing as non-fat cake?


Mama-Face said...

"What's for dinner?'

And now I know. I'm sure I could find road kill online; you can find anything online. yum.

Ed said...

Can't you get your own stew out in the wild on one of your runs? Seems like if you bring a nice road kill backpack and a little'd be set! said...

Road kill with a Moose pee chaser... guess I know what I'm fixin' for dinner tonight.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Forget the non-fat cake. I want the real thing if I'm eating cake!

@mama-face - I am no longer hungry.

@VE - I've tried but I don't like competing with the buzzards.

@CatLady - With sincere regrets, I am declining your dinner invitation. ;-)

The Old Silly said...

Ok i've looked all over town, NOBODY carries the Road Kill Stew in a can! Sup? Where can I get some?

Weird things said to me lately? My grandson was crawling round on the back of the couch where I was sitting minding my own business reading a book. He looked down on top of my head, puzzled by the thinness of my hair on top and says, "Grandpa - Why I see your head?"

No I didn't kill him, he's still alive.

Marvin D Wilson

United Studies said...

Nothing weird here!

I must say, that girl must never watch the news, because during the summer there is always tons of segments about what not to wear when going thru airport security. Heck, we have even stopped wearing belts and socks!

ReformingGeek said...

Marvin - Kids say the darndest things. As for the stew, you're on your own. ;-)

@Jacki - I guess she just really wanted to wear those shoes. She was also wearing a skirt. Some other lady was balled out for carrying a large bottle of shampoo. Oops.

Deb said...

Was that organic Road Kill Stew? The organic stuff isn't all that bad. A little gamey maybe, but palatable.

Do you happen to have a photo of the people running the 'homemade' shop? That could be a whole different blog post!

Unknown said...

Being mistaken for someone dead - not good!

As for Roadkill, in England we have Walkkill, which is kinder to the environment.

Unknown said...

Wow! Don't think I've had anything that interesting said to me in a long time. And I thought that I attracted the "winners". LOL
Hey, stop by my blog. I left something for you there! :)

ReformingGeek said...

@Deb - Dang. No photo of the lady but she was a true Mainer. She had to explain to me what a needham was.

@Walkkill - Yeah. I've seen you people walk!

@Collette - Me, too. I'm on my way to your blog.

Hit 40 said...

We have been exchanging stupid parent comments at work. The beginning of the year always brings out fresh parent jokes....

Yes... we are bad!!!

Unknown said...

mmmmmmmmmmm road kill stew.

Nevermind how long it took her to put them back on.. who in the hell would wear them to start?

I', sure the girl kicked herself after you walked away... "stupid stupid stupid, I meant to say my mom's a Zombie" LOL
KIDDING LOVE ya mean it

ReformingGeek said...

@Hit40 - Silly me. I thought the teachers made fun of the students behind our backs!

@dizzblnd - I think the shoe-girl was about 22. As for the workshop "friend", I don't think she understood how strange her comment sounded. She just kept on talking about her mom. ;-)

Chaotically Calm said...

Well let me see here...I mean I guess it's ok Asssistant said that you look like her mom, a little odd but I guess ok. She went way way left when she said her mom was dead though...yeah way left with that one.

But to answer your question...the stangest thing, it's really more like unsettling...this DMV clerk told me that I had a nice dip (this is slang for the curve of your back to your behind) ugh dude I don't even know you. He better be lucky he was in a wheelchair because I might have been terribly upset. It didn't seem right to scream at him given his situation.

Nooter said...

mmmm... road kill st...

hey! keep that dizzblnd away from my road kill stew!

Meg said...

I'm all about recycling, but I only eat organic stew.

ReformingGeek said...

@Chaotic - I think that sometimes folks take advantage of their "handicap".

@Nooter - I've got it on 24/7 guard.

@Prefers - Yeah. Organic. No telling what that dead thing had to eat.

Suzanne said...

Those are the kind of shoe that when you put them on you are committed to them the whole day. What was she thinking?

Kelly P said...

UMMM, Thaks but NO thanks. I think I'll go and bow to the porelain god.eeewwwww,gag

The Queen said...

I love the shoes.. I wish I had them last month when I flew to Michigan for Ron's funeral.. it would have made me laugh.

ReformingGeek said...

@sue - I don't think she was thinking at all!

@donna - Yeah. Me, too.

@The Queen - Yeah, they are laughable.

Maureen said...

Well, I could see it mistaking you for a dead person if indeed you WERE named Leticia...


Mike said...

Dat Der is sum mitey good stew! haha!
They probably do sell that here! Actually, It might have been my lunch today! LOL!

K A B L O O E Y said...

I always feel old when someone says 'ma'am'.
Super old when someone likens me to their mom.

Dead mom?! Smack. (aw, sorry, poor clueless girl. you lost your mom and now I'm wailing on you.)

ReformingGeek said...

@Maureen - Yeah. Nobody knows why Dad liked that name.

@otin - EEEWWWW!

@Kablooey - Yep. Dead mom kind of threw me.

Bee said...

Yuuum! I want me some Road Kill stew with extra moose pee!

Jean Knee said...

how bout the other way around. Strange thing I said to someone recently?

So, last Fri. I was at a high school reunion type thing with my BFF. We saw someone we knew, David. I always say the first thing that comes to mind so I said, "You look kinda cute, you still have hair and everything"

BFF had to censor me a lot at that thing

ReformingGeek said...

@Bee - Coming right up!

@Jean - You sound like me. Open mouth, insert foot, chew, swallow, spit up foot.

Unknown said...

I used to have a recipe book for road kill. Wish I could find it. The weirdest thing anyone ever said to me was " I cannot imagine my mom having sex. She's about your age" Oh did I ever want to smack the crap out of him!

Hit 40 said...

We don't really pick on the kids. They are just kids. The parents...

hell they should know better!!! Parents are definitely fair game for us in the teachers lounge.

ReformingGeek said...

@etta - Super-smack!

@Hit40 - I'm starting to feel sorry for the moms.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm now singing "Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road" by Arlo Guthrie. If you don't know it, give me your phone number and I'll call you.

The Constant Complainer said...

RG, I always list places that I feel I could sit and write a book. Small claims court is one. I might add sitting by security at the airport as another.

And yeah, the you look like my dead moment comment is very odd. Yikes.

ReformingGeek said...

@dana - My number is 555-5555.

@constant - Small claims court? Double Yikes.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"