Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Snacks on the Maine

Well.....not exactly. It's actually Snakes on the Maine but I didn't want to scare anyone away. You can thank Hubby for the name of the post.

So, Hubby and I are up here in DrivelLand...er....Maine and true to ReformingGeek form, I'm being pursued by critters, just like in Texas. This slithering little thing tried to cross the trail in front of us as we were hiking:

Eastern Garter Snake stalking ReformingGeek

Earlier in the week, I had to defend myself against a huge Maine Bear:

You do see the bear don't you? For some odd reason, Hubby insists there was no bear.

I was beginning to do some serious worrying when this thing followed me back from Canada:

Check out those teeth and stand back away from that tail!

Today, Hubby and I went down to Bar Harbor (Bah-Hahbah) and I consoled myself with more seafood and a walk on the shore path. Flowers must like me as this "rose" was trying to give me a smooch:

But then my ship came in:

and I bought this house:

and we lived happily ever after.

Yeah, right.

For those of you that were really hoping for some snacks, here's a treat for you:

That's right: Organic/Natural Ginger Snaps (YUM!) and Chocolate Covered Blueberries (also YUM!)

So I ate all that stuff and topped it off with a trip to the Atlantic Brewing Company. They have a Blueberry Ale that I really liked. There were about 12 beers to sample. I think I passed out after #5 or #6 or #2. Heck if I know...

Speaking of
DrivelLand, Hubby and I met Deb from Debbie Does Drivel and her Mr. Man (who just happens to have the same initials as Hubby). We had delicious popovers and laughed at life in general and shared ideas for some blog fodder. Deb is just as funny in person as she is on her blog and gave us some great hints about some special places in the area. If you're familiar with her "Why I Love ME Series", she's right. It's beautiful up here!

We're having a great time. We have a couple more days here but then it's back to the real world.

Photo credits: critter stalker, bear defender: Hubby, all others: ReformingGeek


k a b l o o e y said...

Wow, my hair feels all sea-spray infused just reading your post. Gingersnaps, blueberries and good beer sound like a great snack too. Could you write about eating lobsters too? I remember places in Maine offering a second lobster for like $10, so I had a lot of 2 lobster dinners. Maybe you could serve chilled lobsters on your boat or on the screened in porch of your stately home? Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

I saw that invisible bear! I did!

All that food talk is making me very hungry.

I am happy you got to meet a fellow blogger! It is always so much fun!

Bee said...

I see it! I see the bear!

Wish I was there!

But not with the bear. ;o)

Anonymous said...

So did Debbie's drivel turn you into slime?

You know how a slug turns into slime if you sprinkle salt on it?

Did that kind of thing happen?

Enquirking minds want to know!

hee hee

The Constant Complainer said...

Hi RG. Happy Labor Day. I was offline for a few days and am now playing catch-up.

I HATE snakes. Even garter snakes. I see them and I run in the opposite direction.

I think I remember seeing that house in "Beaches" or something.

Anonymous said...

Had I come across the thing in picture number 1, I'd have run past you in picture number two at a dead sprint. Pun intended. It does look pretty, I have to admit.

Unknown said...

LOL..loved that you were 'prepared' to fend off a bear! BUT that snake pic yuck yuck
Great pics I am still incrediably jealous! BUT glad your having fun

Marissa said...

That's beautiful scenery - except for the snake. In the "bear" picture I thought you would've been holding light sabers.


i found yor blog via DECISIONALLY CHALLENGED. i love finding new blogs! come and check me out! if you decide you want to follow me, i would be glad to return the favor!


Suzanne said...

I have never heard of a chocolate covered blueberry, ever. Please send a sample.

Ed said...

You mean the East Coast has trees too?

Meg said...

No vacation is complete without a bear scare. Glad you had fun.

Kirsten said...

It sounds like you're having a great time even though the wildlife if after you! Enjoy the rest of the trip, but watch out for the invisible bears!

Chaotically Calm said...

I was totally nervous for you as a result of seeing the bear. Not at all sure what your hubby's talking about but there was definitely a big ole bear there.

Ha ha sounds like you're having a good time!

Nooter said...

so, how far up a tree did you jump when you saw that crawly snake?

and mmm.... ginga snapps....

Deb said...

Can't believe you took on that enormous bear while hubby stood back and took photos. Geeze. The snake was bad enough!

Drivel Land is a dangerous place. You enter at your own risk!

Glad you're having a good time despite tolerating the two Yankees over popovers. We did see you checking your Maine-to-English Translation Dictionary under the table.

ReformingGeek said...

@kablooey - Thanks for stopping by! I could go for a second lobster just about anytime!

@dizzblnd - Yes. It was fun and I'm always hungry! The bear didn't get to come along.

@Bee - Yea! No bears today but I saw whales yesterday.

@Quirky - I'm so glad you enquirked! We didn't turn to drivel but we were kicked out of the restaurant for talking too long after eating!

@Constant - Hope you had a good Labor Day, too. I love that house and snakes are a bit creepy sometimes.

@Jamie - ;-) So that was you running away, huh?

ReformingGeek said...

@georgie - Thanks and it always helps to be prepared!

@Marissa - They ARE light sabers!

@Speaking - Thanks for stopping by. I will check out your blog once I return home and have a little more time!

@Sue - I may have to get some more if I'm going to send samples. ;-)

@VE - Yeah. Fancy that!

@Prefers - Thanks. Bear meat is delicious!

@Kirsten - Thanks. Yeah. It's what you can't see that will get you!

@Chaotic - Thanks for looking out for me.

@Nooter - It took Hubby awhile to get me down. I'll drink one for you.

@Deb - Yeah. It's a scary place here. The dictionary we brought explained Texan. I meant to give it to you. ;-)

Kelly P said...

Ahhhh Maine.I always wanted to travel to Maine.The organic ginger snaps and choclate coverd blueberries? I've never had nor heard of the choc.blueberries.But I am willing to try that.Sounds pretty good.Well hope you are enjoying yourself.I saw that bear too!He looked like a big one.Men don't see what us women see anyway.HA!HA!

Christa Bledsoe said...

Hi RG. I gave you an award you can find here. http://thestarceleb.com/2009/09/09/the-star-celeb-wins-from-me-to-you-award/ Please extend it to three blogger friends with same instructions :) Thanks for being a great blogger buddy!

Hit 40 said...

Fun post. I liked the snake picture. This is the second picture of a wife standing on an edge of a cliff that I have seen in blogland this week. WTF!! is up with husbands posing their wives on the edge of a freaking cliff.

Jean Knee said...

awwwww vacation. sounds great

On my walk yesterday I jogged for about 5 car lengths. I thought of you

ReformingGeek said...

@Donna - Thanks and yes, men don't see those things do they?

@Christa - Thanks! I'll stop by.

@Hit 40 - Thanks. The edge of the cliff was my idea. ;-)

@Jean - Ah, thanks!

kathcom said...

I know why we can't see the bear. He is obviously a vampire, the scariest kind of bear, so he doesn't cast a reflection.

That's why you were holding up the sticks to make the sign of the cross to fend him off. You're so smart! They don't teach that in Bear 101.

Maureen said...

Aw, I think the RCMP Beaver is rather cute...

Unknown said...

In Maine?!?!? With the Debster?!?!?!?
Ooohhh I am SO jealous. One of these days I am going to Maine. Deb makes it sound so wonderful. As far as snakes, I would have loved to have caught that little snake. I think he was cute.

ReformingGeek said...

@kathcom - Yeah. I'm glad I escaped from those teeth!

@Maureen - Me, too!

@Ettarose - Absolutely. That snake was cute!

Skye said...

Sounds like a wonderful time in Drivel Land! I love the Canadian Beaver he looks cute :D

Mike said...

That looks like a copperhead if you ask me! I have never seen a garter snake that looked like that! Maybe I am wrong!

NJ Pigno said...

Great post. I liked the happily ever after part and the ginger snaps, but the bear was terrifying.

ReformingGeek said...

@Skye - It was fun. Thanks!

@otin - Hubby assures me it wasn't a copperhead. ;-)

@Nanodance - Thanks and yes, that bear was scary.

The Old Silly said...

Hey how did I miss this post? Oh well, better late than never. Thanks for taking us on your wonderful trip and providing all the photos and "bear" facts. (wink)

Marvin D Wilson

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"