Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Special Tribute and a Whopper Devoured...

I mean the whopper will be revealed.  I must have been hungry when I was typing that title.

Thanks to all of you that tried to guess the untruth from my last post.

I will now reveal the "truth".  Hee Hee.

1.  I played trombone.
I was 12.  I had to be different.  It lasted a week.  Then I got a flute.

2.  I am missing a body part.  
My right kidney became infected when I was a baby.  It abscessed and had to be removed.  If my remaining kidney fails, I'm not worried as I know each one of you would offer me one of yours.

3.  I breathe fire.
Well....I can do the Fire Breath in yoga.  Sizzle.

4.  I can stand on my hands.
Yes, but I like having a wall behind me.

5.  I can program a computer but I have no idea how Hubby connected our entertainment system.
True.  I'm ashamed.

6.  I was invited to an art school one summer.
Yep. I was 10. But I wanted to go to the music school.  ;-(

7.  I think I may have been a pig in a former life.  I sure do like bacon.
FALSE.  I doubt I was a pig.  Maybe I was a lone wolf or a bird or even a lizard.  Actually, I think I'm still on "the island", running around and whispering to those that are left behind, not ready to "move on".

Now for another episode of "The World Turns But Stupid People Never Fall Off".

Yeah, I know that I've never had an episode of "The World Turns But Stupid People Never Fall Off" but work with me here.

Try this at home:  Stand a few feet in front of your vehicle with your back turned.  Have someone get in the vehicle and activate the horn.  Ideally, they don't give you any warning.

Wasn't that nice?


Well, that's what it feels like when you use your horn to say "Howdy" to me as I'm cycling or running.  I'm not talking about "GET OUT OF THEY WAY" greetings or "Oh, Baby, You're Hot" greetings (in my dreams), but the you-think-you're-being-friendly greeting using your car's horn.  There is a reason that thing is LOUD, 'K?

Also, if you're a photographer for a yoga class, NEVER, EVER, EVER take this kind of photo much less post it on the Internet:

No, that's not my class. 

If you've been guilty of these offenses, kick yourself and then enjoy your plaque:

Finally, for those of you that could not find the critter in the photo from the last post, here's a close-up.  Look towards the bottom, in the rocks:

Now, get out there and finish the week with a smile!


Photo credits:  Butt-shot: That's classified.  Special: stolen from the depths of the Internet, Hidden creature:  Reffie


Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee.

Those butt shots are perfect and prime for some tooting.

And I am a certified tooting expert.

hee hee

Marissa said...

I'd be so pissed if someone took a picture of my ass in lycra.

MrsBlogAlot said...


I'm taking that plaque to work to give to my boss.

It is f'en awesome!!!!!

00dozo said...

Haha! Love the face on the dog! I know what you mean about the honking - everybody does it here to say "Hi" and before I got used to it, I almost caused several accidents.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - That DOES happen. I guess we yogis like jalapenos.

@Marissa - Yeah, thanks for that, folks.

@MrsBlogalot - Let me know how that goes. ;-)

@00dozo - I can understand a little bitty tap, but that's still loud!

Jean Knee said...

what the crups a critter? You must be from Texas

Mama-Face said...

HA! I knew we had more in common than makes you comfortable: I hate bacon. Bacon ruins everything. Pork of any kind is just gross.

And you should write an entire post about stupid car incidents.

And I know you're one of those behinds...but which one???

And I still can't see that dang critter. There is no critter, now is there?


Ziva said...

I found it! I found the creature!

ReformingGeek said...

@jean - Um.....yep.

@mama-face - I'm not in the butt shot photo. Also, Girlie, you need to get your eyes checked!

@ziva - Yippee!

United Studies said...

Hahaha....I love it....the world turns but stupid people don't fall off!

Leeuna said...

hahahah. The butt shot was hilarious. And I found the critter. I hate people who honk their horns at me, so yeah, I won't do that to you.

ReformingGeek said...

@jacki - I thought that was a nice touch.

@Leeuna - Thanks. I appreciate you NOT honking your horn at me!

kathcom said...

I wish I could look that good doing yoga. I couldn't even get into that position.

I'm glad you don't believe you were once a pig. But if you're curious, my favorite tea shop is having a party for a guy who wrote a book about ham for Memorial Day weekend.Absolutely true and odd for so many reasons.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

THANK you for saying that about the honking horns! I'm a runner, too. And I think I can truthfully state that the stupid "Hey Baby" comments are WAY easier to handle than those damn honking horns!! Geez!! (BTW: I get very few of the "Hey Baby" comments, I just imagine them to be less offensive!)

Chris said...

Yeah, you don't really look like a trombone player.

Trust me, that's a compliment.

ReformingGeek said...

@kathcom - I bet you CAN get into that position! A book about ham is definitely odd. I think I'll skip that one.

@Anything - You are welcome! I only get cattle calls from roofers. ;-)

@Chris - Thanks. ;-)

Lindsey Buck said...

The world keeps turning, but stupid people never fall off. I am using that - I laughed at that. I need to learn how to do yoga. My sister is an instructor but I've never tried before. :)

meleah rebeccah said...

Ah ha! So it was #5 after all!

"Also, if you're a photographer for a yoga class, NEVER, EVER, EVER take this kind of photo much less post it on the Internet"


That photo is just too funny!

honeypiehorse said...

I've seen worse yoga pictures...

G.~ said...

Oh my gosh! You're hilarious!

That horn thing? WTF are they thinking?

And I don't even like having other people in the room when I'm doing yoga let alone someone with a camera. Sheesh!

And did I tell you? You're hilarious! Thank you.

ReformingGeek said...

@Lindzena - Thanks. Yes, start yoga when you're young. Your body will thank you in 10 years!

@meleah - I don't think some people think before snapping. What's worse is the person who posted it on Facebook. Sheesh!

@honeypie - I'm sure I have, too. They have me as the subject. ;-)

@G.~ - Thanks! Yes, while group classes are nice for the energy and support, sometimes it's best on our own. Thanks for stopping by!

Mike said...

I would hope that you did not think that you were a pig in a previous life! lmao!

Skye said...

Hehee love the critter! Can you still play the flute? I learned how to play trumpet and clarinet in school but I can't play either one anymore :(

ReformingGeek said...

@otin - Oink.

@Skye - I think I tried once or twice over the years. It wasn't pretty.

Unknown said...

I once played the flute but gave it up because it was too heavy to carry. Should have given up grammar school and those damn heavy books instead. Love "You're a special kind of stupid." I want to print cards and hand them out.

God I hate it when people impulsively honk their horns. There should be a horn honker's rule book. Uh, oh. I see another post a coming. Everyone to the wine cellar.

Suzanne said...

OMG that dog is awesome! I could have used it in my last post. Someone needs to make an award out of it, I would totally accept it!

ReformingGeek said...

@Lauren - A little wine solves all problems.

@Sue - Thanks. Yeah, that would make a great award. ;-)

Alexandra said...

Hi, came over here from Mrs Blogalot's suggestion: I love her=I love you now, too.

Lovely to meet you. I'm your newest follower.

Love your style, very warm and funny, smart at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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