Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ringing in Christmas with a Blizzard, Texas Style

White Christmas in Geekville

Thanks to all of you that stopped by and commented on my Christmas Eve post, even if you made fun of my "Toe Sox". Yes, Deb, I wore them outside of the house. I went to the gym, taught my Pilates class, and went to the grocery store where I encountered a pharmacy clerk NOT noticing the joy and magic of Christmas. Then again, maybe she didn't like my socks and flip flops.


We survived what the weather folks are calling the snowstorm of the century. Yes, it was a white Christmas in north Texas and in other parts of Texas ("out west") where some travelers were stuck on the interstate watching for Santa and his reindeer. The Department of Public Safety closed the freeway Christmas Eve evening because of snow and ice. Don't worry. It re-opened mid-morning on Christmas. I can see these alternate lyrics for Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer in my head:

Grandma froze her arse off in west Texas
On the way to our house Christmas Eve
You can say we don't believe in snowplows
'Cause it only snows like this every century.

All kidding aside. The snow came so fast that there wasn't time to get sanding crews out before the roads were too treacherous for further travel. I'm sure it was a miserable night for the folks that were stranded although there were reports of people helping each other out with food, warmth, and water. I guess there is some magic to Christmas afterall!

The roads in our area of north Texas were bad enough that a normal 35-minute drive Christmas Eve evening took two hours and a normal 20-minute commute to Hubby's mom's house on Christmas Day took an hour. We had to sand our driveway before we could get up to the street. That bag of kitty litter in a bucket in the garage came in handy!

As for gifts, I went overboard on Kitty's gift. Look at his new curly mouse tail:

Yeah, I know it's ribbon attached to a stuffed snowman but I don't think Kitty does.

Besides lumps of coal, Hubby and I were given one of these:

Hum, maybe if we put those together...

Just kidding. We did receive nice gifts and for the most part, our gift recipients enjoyed their gifts. Who would have thought that kiddos don't like nuts in their fudge? Oops. We had a nice time visiting with family and stuffing our faces. The best gift I can receive, though, is for my family and friends to be safe, healthy, and happy. That includes you, my bloggy friends.

For some reason, my clothing is fitting a bit tighter today. I will admit that I have been over-indulging just like the rest of you. Don't try to tell me that you have not been over-doing it. I know you people.

This year isn't over yet. I may have to try out my Christmas gift from Bee, the Rum-Baller 2000, to say farewell to 2009 and ring in 2010. After that, Mr. Piper and I will be having a little talk. But for now, it's time for a nap.


Photo credits: ReformingGeek with her new Canon PowerShot!


Jean Knee said...

Yikes! we had some snow swirling around but it didn't stick. guess we'll have to wait for Easter again.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like you had a pretty good a while christmas...rained here all day, but we had enough left over from last weeked store to keep it white...

Deb said...

I cannot believe you wore those toe socks out in public! Your rum balls are obviously very big.

Snow on the ground here in Maine, but no snow falling from sky on Christmas. Boo! Flurries today, sleet coming tonight. Double Boo!

Glad to hear you had a good Christmas! Be sure to triple the nuts in that fudge next year.

Jason said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've had a good and white Christmas. Did Cat make the snow yellow? hee hee

And I thought all kids liked nuts. Hello? PeaNUT butter?


gayle said...

Sounds like you had a great poured down rain here for most of the day!! said...

What a treat to have a white Christmas down there... even if it was a pain in the ass. Glad you had fun! (So, kitty litter is actually GOOD for something?)

ReformingGeek said...

@Jean - Easter is closer to when the real birthday is anyway!

@Brian - Glad you had some leftovers. ;-)

@Deb - Yeah. I've got seriously big balls and I will triple the nuts next year. I love the way you think. ;-)

@Jason - I'll check it out when I get a chance. Thanks.

@Quirky - Kids will be kids,right?

@Gayle - I'm sorry to hear the umbrellas got a work out!

@Catlady - Thanks. Yeah. I used to think kitty litter was good for showing up all over my carpet or any flat surface for that matter.

Me-Me King said...

Oh, how I wished for a white Christmas. There's nothing like snow-capped cacti and frozen rattlesnakes.

Michigander Marvin said...

Hmph - that's not a snowstorm. Come up here to Michigan - gaywronetee ya won't be wearin' no flip flops. But hey - Texans always think EVERYthing in their state is the biggest, right?



Oh - forgot ... she's napping.

The Old Silly

ReformingGeek said...

@Me-me - Frozen rattlesnake ice cream. Yum.

@Marvin - It is BIG, for Texas. We are not set up to deal with it. I'm going back to sleep....hibernation now.

Amy Mullis said...

I used to have toe socks, but my toes got homesick for each other. Also my little piggie that went to market kept getting lost.

Glad you survived the storm. Merry Christmas!

Bee said...

Isn't weird that places like Texas are getting snow? I predict we will have a severe weather overhaul in the next few years. The midwest will be hot year round.

Mama-Face said...

It snowed in all the wrong places this year...we usually are buried by now. Weird.

I'm happy for your enjoyable White Christmas; especially that driving part. yikes. I saw photos (on the news) of the parking lot of what was normally the freeway and had a panic attack.

Happy New Year!

Nooter said...

you call that snow? last week i had to trudge through ten feet of snow just to go out to the bathroom! and back! and it was uphill both ways! and i was chased by a bear! and a buffalo! no, two buffaloes! and...

the human said...

That's enough, Nooter.

Anonymous said...

After living through "THE SNOWSTORM OF THE CENTURY" in Indiana last year, complete with a generator and a husband who didn't know how to hook it up, we're watching the Texas Weather updates like a drug addict looking through a pharmacy window.......but we're warm in Florida while doing it.

ReformingGeek said...

@Amy - My toes are so closely connected to each other that they would never get lost.

@Bee - I could do without the cold!

@mama-face - More snow expected tomorrow afternoon. Happy New Year to you, too!

@Nooter - Buffalo think dog tastes like grass. Yum.

@the human - What a sweet pup, that Nooter!

@Dana - I will come to Florida and help you with Beau.

Maureen said...

Well that storm even went so far as up here! We had a blizzard Christmas Eve and Day and driving was horrendous, although I think we are a titch more used to the white stuff than you'all. ;)

Happy New Year RG!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Snow in Texas? Can the end of the world be far away? Weird!

Merry Christmas, Reforming Geek!

ReformingGeek said...

@Maureen - We are supposed to get more snow today. YIKES! Happy New Year to you, too!

@MikeWJ - We may not make it to 2012. I just saw some locusts.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"