Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cooking Up the Thursday Trio

My grocery delivery was late this week and the recipe preparation took longer than expected so Thursday's roast is a bit late this week. Oh, wait. That's sounds like a normal day around the ReformingGeek household.

Hubby and I usually blame the cat for anything that goes wrong around here.

Yep. Cat ate some of the ingredients and I accidentally dropped a frying pan on his paw so I think the blame is appropriate.*

I had to dig deep and pull out my best stalking skills and Paparazzi photography techniques to get the goods on this week's trio.

You are not going to believe this but Bee from Bee's Musing's is really a gangsta. I know. She claims to be of Hispanic heritage but she rarely talks about tacos so I just didn't buy it. Then I finally got a picture of her in the wrong part of Chicago Town:

Man is it ever HOT in here! No wonder Jean Knee has claimed this women as her own. But what was Bee doing in the questionable part of town?

That's right. She was waiting to meet The Godfather to discuss terms for the sale of her niece. SHEESH! That is NOT aMUSing, Bee. Do you know the real reason behind her brother's recent mishap? Bee found out that it was him that broke her dolly when she was four. This little muse blew a fuse and brother Rick** "went for a ride".

I sure hope this next blogger is better behaved. I was optimistic until I found out Kirsten's shameful, behind-closed-doors hobby. That's right, folks. Kirsten, from The Soccer Mom Files, is, well, see for yourself. I was appalled and then I peed my pants anticipating sharing this with you:

Hey, isn't that Bee on the right?

All this stuff about rednecks and these weekly caption contests were set up to misdirect us so we wouldn't find out. Ha! Nice try, Kirsten. This is one soccer mom I don't want to meet in a back alley.

These first two made another big mess for me to clean-up. Just let me kick the cat out of way so I can get back to the stove.

Now I have to get the cat hair off the stove top....

Ok. I'm ready now.

Next up is Sweet Sue from Farvel Cargo. Far go what? Where? Is there a carnival or did I miss a shipment of some special sweet-smelling cargo? I'm really having a hard time here. From my stalking, I think Sue is the girl next door, and, sorry guys, she's taken. Don't even try. She and her hubby seem to get along well but remember I'm a really good stalker. Here's that useless slob of a husband sleeping on the job:

Take him to the cleaners, Sue, or at least to the vet.

But what's she really up to? There are several retail business linked on her blog. I was out nosing around and I found out what she really does. There is no way she has enough time to run those businesses and look this fresh while slaving in a hot kitchen:

Oh, wait. That's what I'm doing. I hope the result is just as tasty as Sandra's Sue's stuff.

You guys were obviously not tenderized well. You were tough to cook but after a little salt and a lot of red pepper, you are ready to serve.

*ReformingGeek did not hurt any animals while cooking these bloggers.
**Bee's brother was injured in an attack. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Photo credits: Sandra Lee, aka Sue:, Dog in bowl: some email, drag queens: jps246 on, Creative Commons (see sidebar), Gangster girl:


Anonymous said...

Nice job Reffie! I love "dropped a frying pan on his paw."

chuckle, chuckle, giggle, grin

That'll keep me smiling the whole day!

Nothing against cats, I just rejoice in other creatures' suffering!

heh heh

Marissa said...

Well Done!! Great photos as usual. I love starting my Thursdays off with a good spicy meal sprinkled with giggling.

Jean Knee said...

Bee once told me she ate chihuahua and it's a Mexican thing

I have my doubts about that too

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Thanks. Poor cat actually got bit by another cat, smaller than him of course!

@Marissa - Thanks. Those three were pretty tasty!

@Jean - I'm tellin' you. She's a gansta lady!

Suzanne said...

Holy Crap! I've never been roasted before. This is so cool. I'm honored, thank you Geek. I know Farvel Cargo is a weird name, the blog started out to promote the online business. I was too lazy to even look into changing it.
Oh and I'm not nearly as busy as my blog makes me look and I hardly ever slave away in the kitchen, so far I've only made dinner twice this week.

Unknown said...

great choices as always! I will keep Bee's family in my prayers! How awful!

ReformingGeek said...

@Sue - Glad you like it!

@dizzblnd - Thanks.

Deb said...

As usual, all great picks, RG!

My thoughts and prayers to Bee's brother's attackers that Bee is swift and painless.

Bee said...

Thanks! :o) And also did you see how good sucked on that cigar? I hear it's a turn on.
And the chihuahua thing is true too.

ReformingGeek said...

@Deb - Thanks.

@Bee - Glad you liked it. Hum....chihuahua?

Nooter said...

your grocery delivery? wtf??

whats their phone number, and also, for no particular reason, whats your credit card number?

Kirsten said...

LMAO!!! I've been out of town and am just catching up!
How did you find that pic of Bee and me? BTW, thyroid conditions are no laughing matter!

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