Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Camp - Homesick Geek

Dearest Hubby and Cat,
I hope this day finds you with blessing from God. My name is Deria from Nyberia. I am inform you of 1.5 trillion dollars of British pounds for you. I musts needs your account number to transfer make.

Oh, wait. That's the wrong type of letter. Sorry about that.

I've been at summer camp all week and I'm tired, sunburned, and my brain is all fogged over. So far, all I got to show for it is this doll I made on Monday, which was craft day. Some people may have called it crapt day!

The guys here are pretty hawt, well, except for Nooter, and he's just a hot dog. The poor thing kept getting overheated during the outside activities. Or maybe it was the beer that RedRaider kept putting in his water bowl.

And for the cat, yes, there are other kitties here and strangely enough, there are no mice.

Tuesday, we did a sing-a-long. I somehow slept through this. I think Kathcom drugged me after hearing me practice on Monday evening.

, it was campfire stories. I was in the latrine all evening and missed the fun. Apparently, I'm allergic to alligator (Remember the swimming on Monday? Well, we had that sucker for lunch!)

During the story-telling event,
Quirky got carried away with the smores and caught several tents on fire. Nooter tried to put out the fire but he ran out of pee. Fortunately, Quirky was able to sacrifice a few of her Diet Dr Peppers to save our camp.

Thursday was survival day. I survived so I guess I get a gold star for this one. Oh, wait. I don't think that's what yesterday was about. Or maybe it was.

I'm not sure what happened with the others. I was given a map, one bottle of water, and a walking stick. I was blind-folded and shoved in Rambler's dang wooden bus and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Nonamedufus puked on my map so it was kind of hard to make out the trails. I got lost six times but I made it back to camp with all limbs intact.

The mosquitoes ate me alive.
I spent the evening soaking in calamine lotion and now I've got a funny itch in my.....

Finally, we have a remote camper with a birthday today. Dana, one of our hilarious humor bloggers, is currently marooned in Florida and she is turning 60 years young today. This calls for a special celebration. My apologies but the only cake I could find was this monstrosity:

Yes, this cake satirically explains my sentiments about that dang bus.

Happy Birthday,

That's about it. I had a great time and can't wait to come back next year! A special thanks to camp chief thinkinfyou and the following counselors for their hard work this week:

mizzdrake - Capft queen
quirkyloon - Supermarket singer and lyrical genius
spaz - King of Kumbayah
redraider - Be careful if he hands you a leafy plant.
white shark - It's not safe to be in the water, folks.

Coming next week, long, boring, blog award acceptance speeches. Well.....I hope the post won't be boring but I have a couple of special awards from very special folks. I bet they thought I forgot. ;-)

Photo credits:
On the trail: ReformingGeek (Bandelier National Park in New Mexico), cake: Hysterical Bertha on, Creative Commons license (see sidebar), doll:
ohsohappytogether,, Creative Commons license (see sidebar).


nonamedufus said...

You had a busy week. And you remembered Dana's birthday...Happy b'day Dana! Sorry about the map. Guess I ate too much cake.

Unknown said...

wow you were busy! I never get invited to the cool stuffs...oh wait i 'think' i already whined that...
YES it is danas Bday...

Nooter said...

ahhhhh redraiders my newbestfriend...

i will guard that cake until dana gets here, everyone go out on the porch and wait for her ok?

Anonymous said...

I think the summer camp was a huge success! Thanks so much for being a camper!!

ReformingGeek said...

@nonamedufus - No problem. Just go easy on the cake next time, 'K?

@georgie - We have a special camp for whiners like you.... ;-)

@Nooter - That's OK. We'll take care of guarding the cake and we will save you a piece. I promise. hehe

@thinkinfyou - It was fun! Thank YOU!

Hit 40 said...

I feel like a loser!!! I did not realize you posted a new camp story each day this week. I checked your blog each day to see the same craft pic each time. I will catch up on your camping...

Hit 40 said...

Ok... I am back. I am not losing my mind. You posted last on Monday.

I like your letter format. I need to post a pic of a real letter I got from my kid a couple years ago. SO FUNNY!!!

Anonymous said...

Reffie can you give Deria my acct number? I'll be anxiously awaiting.

heh heh

That was a very fun letter! Nicely done GF! (And thanks for the shout outs *smile)

But, but, BUT! How could I ever "surrender" some DDPs? I believe Noname had some contraband Jesus Juice and it was HE who doused the fire. Me and my DDPs are enjoying a happy reunion!

ReformingGeek said...

@Hit40 - Thanks and so sorry to confuse but after the alligator incident, I was basically out of the game for the rest of the week. I'm surprised I made it thru the survival training!

@Quirky - Thanks. I am so glad you are reunited with your DDPs.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least I didn't kill you like the last person I shoved in a van. ;) <--- I hope that's a joking emotion. Whoa. Scary. <-- Now I wonder who typed that. Split personalities not a good sign.

Anyway, nice wrap up, Mrs. Geek. Glad you had fun at camp.

Unknown said...

what a great week at camp!

I hope the itch in your... gets relieved before you have to go see a Dr.

Marvin D Wilson said...

One heckuva week! Hey I'll take a slice of that cake. Looks monstrously delicious. Love the car ran into the side...

The Old Silly

Mama-Face said...

You must've missed me hanging around camp. Go figure.

(I'm still waiting to hear back from Deria. Should I be concerned? Nah, I'm sure she's just busy.)

ReformingGeek said...

@dizzblnd - I'm feeling pretty good now, thanks!

@Marvin - Thanks. Yeah. The cake was good.

@mama-face - You hid well! Yeah. Deria is very, very busy with all of your transfers....hehe.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap and darn. Didn't you hear that HUMORBLOGGERS put my out to pasture since I've been busy moving to Florida, flying home, coming back, etc. Not even a CARD from them!! But I DO like that cake.

The Constant Complainer said...

You were pretty freaking busy. I'm impressed. Just finally had the chance to catch up on your posts tonight.

Anonymous said...

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