Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coons, Crazy Eights, and Cool Award!

Remember the Crazy Eights card game? Well, neither do I.

Actually, I do remember something like that and the eights wreaked all kinds of havoc. But that's not what I'm posting about. I'm scribbling about the "eight things" meme that I got tagged with awhile back. I'm still working on it and I may be working on it until the zombies come for us.

Recently, in the land of Geek:

1. I've discovered that this thing called CURRENT when swimming IS NOT a good thing. The last time I went to practice my freestyle, HairyApe and his family were in the lanes next to me. HairyApe was a lightning bolt in the water (I'm not sure I like the thought of that...) but he sure made some waves. Or maybe it was the little kids over by the slide or maybe it was just the way the moon, the stars, and the planets were aligned or that poppy seed muffin I ate. Whatever. I had a very hard time swimming the line on the bottom. If that's anything like "walking the line" I would have been in big trouble.

2. I do not like having raccoon eyes from wearing swim goggles:

"Is you rat?"

3. Young people are not as flexible as they should be. Recently, some high school and college students have attended my morning yoga class on Tuesdays. These are girls that are thin and look healthy but they are surprisingly lacking in flexibility. Touching their toes? Um, no. Raising their arms over their head with straight elbows? Um, no. Fatiguing after just a few reps of abdominal exercise? Yes. This scares me and I think it may be related to a lack of focus on fitness in schools these days.

4. I'm beginning to wonder if I do have a twin. My former boss called the other day and finally realized she was talking to the wrong person. She moved to a different fitness club so I'm not even on her list of instructors.

5. Kharma sometimes presents itself as Murphy: When the weather is nice, I have to sit at a desk inside a freezing gym all day.

6. I've never been on a four-wheeler but I plan to give it a try in a few weeks. I have been on a wave runner and if I had my choice, I'd rather do that but giving the absence of a large body of water at the planned outing, I guess I'll try the four-wheelers.

7, 8 and beyond is an update on the neighbors:
  • The Peckers (yeah, you read that right):
  • The new neighbors seem to be thriving although I saw the neighbor's cat hovering outside the pen a few days ago. Hum.....I have not seen that cat in awhile and I was wondering what the chickens were eating.....
  • Mrs. Parker: Nosy has been away for awhile. Last week, I saw the RV in her drive and then she was gone. Note: It's just an assumption that the RV took her. It could have been zombies or aliens.
  • Mr. Slither: The FEDEX driver just told me she ran over a huge black and tan snake last week. She said it was headed away from my yard. did I miss that thing slinking through my yard and were you brave enough to click on that link?
  • Ms. Jailbird: There is a zebra that has moved in a few miles south of me. It's being elusive behind its white picket fenced yard. I'll try to get a photo soon.
  • Stan Stinger: I saw a scorpion in the shower area at the gym. It's a good thing I planned on showering once I returned home!

Now for the award. I love awards. I've got plenty of space here. Bring them on!

Kidding. Thank you Funnyrunner for this award. I'm honored when someone thinks of me. Notice that this award has text describing its origination. I had to go and check because I did not know what that phrase meant. I'm still not sure but that's the name of the blog. Anybody know Filipino? Good luck with the google translation.

The instructions are to give it to 15 other bloggers. I don't play by the rules. Anyone is welcome to this award. Enjoy.

Coming up next week: Humor Bloggers Dot Com Summer Camp. I'm attending so expect a couple of posts about the activities! These people are a few squares short of round so you never know what's going to happen.

Photo credit: baby raccoon and dog: on, Creative Commons license, see sidebar, chickens: ReformingGeek).


Meadowlark said...

Flexibility: The great equalizer in the game of love.

Or: I may be old, but I can reach places that young tart doesn't even know exists.


Chris said...

Hahaha. Nope - a current is usually a bad thing when swimming.
But that did make me giggle. :)

Mike said...

I wish I had a twin, it would take some of the pressure off of me! LOL!

ReformingGeek said...

@Meadowlark - Well said!

@Chris - Yeah. It's worse than a strong headwind while running.

@otin - Perhaps you could clone yourself!

Hit 40 said...

The kids really are outta shape. At 40, I am skinnier than about half of them. Too many chips and video games.

Interesting comment about waves in pools, the best lane to get in a swim meet is the middle lane. If you get the outside lane, you get the waves hitting from the middle and waves bouncing off the wall. AND... the fastest swimmer is given the middle lane in swim meets. Just doesn't swim fair. Geeky enough for ya?

ReformingGeek said...

@Hit 40 - Yeah, there are a lot of heavy kids these days. ;-(

It doesn't take much to bounce me around. I'm terrified of open water swimming! First, I need to tackle the pool!

Anonymous said...

Well most congratulations of the award! You always deserve a big pat on the back!


You do live in a city right? I'm starting to think you live way out there in the country (not that's there's anything wrong with that!).

heh heh

I wanna see the zebra!

Funnyrunner said...

LOL. I hate racoon eyes from swim goggles, too... and the thing is - it lasts SO long!

Nooter said...

i dont understand, does swimming make you nocturnal?

Leeuna said...

I'm as flexible as a dried twig. And I'm not even a teenager.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Does it count that I live close to a city? I'm still on zebra alert!

@Funnyrunner - No kidding. It lasts almost all freakin' day.

@Nooter - Um, yes, Nooter, of course it does.

@Leeuna - Get thee to yoga class!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the award!

I think you are right on the lack of flexibility... besides.. if it does not involve alcohol, texting or computering.. chances are those girls don't do it. But you think they would at least be having sex.. shouldn't they be somewhat flexible?

Oh well

Mama-Face said...

Flexibility, you got it or you don't. My daughter has been a pretzel from birth. I am the total opposite. My hamstrings are so tight...well I have nothing clever for that. They are just sooo tight.

Did I just say I am the opposite of a pretzel? What would that be anyway?

I think I just commented on my comment. Gosh, I need sleep.

I eagerly await your translation on your blog award (hey, I think she gave that one too!!! I forget.) I didn't even pick up on the funny words. Ha.

I heart you.

ReformingGeek said...

@dizzblnd - YIKES! Some of these girls have come with their moms and the moms are in better shape.

@mama-face - Thanks for the heart. Get thee to a yoga mat and work on those hamstrings!

The opposite of a pretzel? Yeah. You need sleep. ;-)

As for the funny words, one definition seemed to indicate something low class or slummy, but it was VERY unclear as to current usage of the word.

Marvin D Wilson said...

Oh goody more awards! I don't play awards either, but the feeling is what counts and this fun blog is certainly deserving. I keep a page on my blog to park awards - don't much like them plastered all over my main page, but still I think it's polite and appreciative to accept them sooooo - I'll just grab this one as well, thank you very much. (wink)

And oooh yeah - thin is in, but maintaining flexibility takes discipline - which is NOT in with younguns these days.

The Old Silly

Unknown said...

Yoga? WTF is that? I cannot bend down and touch my knees never mind the toes. Does Yoga work? How about Pilates?

Hit 40 said...

LOL!!! I will bring on the awards!!! I can't believe you were not following either. You must use google reader to follow the blogs? I use the blogger site and I bookmark none blogger websites that I adore.

Jean Knee said...

I can't touch my toes.

that's a bad thing?

honeypiehorse said...

Congratulations. Do you teach yoga??

ReformingGeek said...

@Marvin - Thanks! Yes. Discipline is a hard discipline. ;-)

@etta - Ah, yoga. Just breathe...and bend and flex and strengthen. Yoga would probably help you reach flexibility goals. Pilates will help you strengthen core stabilizing muscles such as abdominals and the back muscles (and a few others).

@honeypie - Thanks. Yes, that is primarily what I teach although I teach Pilates and some of the cardio formats occasionally.

ReformingGeek said...

@Hit40 - Be careful what you ask for!

BTW, I use the blog roll on the sidebar to read blogs. I also have a secondary list because that one is so long. Maybe I'll throw those into my Google Reader.

@Jean - Yes, that's a bad thing!

Meg said...

Flexible? Being old has to have some advantages, doesn't it?

Oh, and thanks for the award. I really don't deserve it.

Hit 40 said...

Running off a bridge??? No I have never heard of someone doing this while texting!!! OMG

ReformingGeek said...

@Prefers - You deserve more than an award!

@Hit 40 - Yep. That's crazy.

Skye said...

Yes I had the guts to check out that link! The Buttermilk Racer looks to be a real beaut! I do love snakes, they're a lot of fun to scare other people

Kudo's on the award, you certainly deserve it :)

Ed said...

You need the real goggles swimmers use. They don't have the rubber suction thingy that your average swim goggles have. You don't get that raccoon look with them. Takes a little bit to get used to using them but its worth it. Oh, and are you sure your neighbor has a zebra and not some gnomes with a paint brush living close by?

Unknown said...

you are so funny! and is it wrong that i do remember crazy 8's?

Yoga...I am 38 and not flexible enough to do it

Have fun on those 4 wheelers-we love em

ReformingGeek said...

@Skye - Thanks! You are one brave girl!

@VE - I'll have to check into those! As for the zebra, I'm beginning to think it was a mirage.

@george - Thanks! You are never too old. No excuses! ;-)

Hit 40 said...

You should had an email to your profile. I think that you would really enjoy it. Folks then can email you back right from your comments. And, the comments left on your post go right to that email too. Great way to respond or to click back to their blog. I just got a hotmail account for free using my blog title.

Christa Bledsoe said...


Maureen said...

Congrats on the award.

And the only flexibility I have anymore is giving in to daughter too damn much.

Bee said...

I was uber flexible when I was younger. Now I can barely bend down to get my ice cream. ;o)

The Constant Complainer said...

Congrats on your new award!

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