Monday, October 27, 2008

Pepe le pew and chocolate

Just when I thought I could give myself a break from posts about "country life", nature brings me something else to write about. Last week hubby noticed a well-nourished skunk in our front yard as he was leaving for work at O-Dark-Thirty.

Mr. Skunk's tail was standing at red alert ready to add its own special kind of air freshener to the outside air.

But it must have realized that softy hubby was not a threat. As the car left the driveway, the tail rescinded and Mr. Skunk went back to munching.

Now this latest issue of animals dining on/in/off my yard has got to stop. I've been noticing little holes and grass pulled up all over my front and back lawn. We've recently been invaded by armadillos and even the turkeys showed up a few weeks back. (Those suckers better skip town. Don't they know what's happening in a month?) This on top of the mole tunnels makes me want to camp out at night with a pitch fork! Yes me, who won't even kill a fly or spider.

There's more. As we were coming home from dinner over the weekend, I glimpse Skunk Jr. and his sibling parading across my front lawn like they own the place. Hubby doesn't think what I saw was skunks. I'm convinced they were as pictured here in my post; enjoying French Pastries in the form of whatever they're digging up from my lawn. (OK I know it's Spaghetti and Meatballs but at least they are in France!)

Humph! Munching on my dime again. IZ NOT HAPPY!

DAMN! Now I'm hungry for a French Pastry. A Chocolate Croissant will do nicely. My expectations are high that my fellow bloggers will come through for me but I'm reasonable. I'll settle for a chocolate smiley.

Don't forget Da Old Man's chocolate extravaganza. The crazy guy is giving it away before Halloween! If you win a bag of chocolate, I expect you to share!

I'm also up for beer, wine, tequila......OK you get the point.


Deb said...

My dearly departed beagle, Bagel, and I went out for a walk one evening. We were just about to cross the street when a big dog with very long legs came running towards us, stopped and stared. The beagle immediately turned around and put his head between my legs. This was no dog, it was a coyote. Luckily it ran down the street past us. The Beagle would not leave the house for 1 week.

Chat Blanc said...

Wow! you've got a virtual zoo around your place! I'd start charging these uninvited guests an entry fee.

btw, I like Pepe and Penelope, but only if they are destinkified!

ReformingGeek said...

@deb - It's crazy how the coyotes are so resilient. They snack on small animals and live in shrubs on the city sidewalks.

Bagel the Beagle - I love it. May his sweet doggie soul rest in peace.

@chat blanc - I'm glad the zoo gives me something to write about ;-) Thanks.

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