Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hats Off to Weirdness

You probably remember the WTF blanket. Let me introduce you to the WTF hat. That's right. This is the hat that makes your zipper light up (Please take that last sentence and let your mind wonder wherever it may.)

A hat with this ability surely must be able to protect us from zombies or at least aliens. Oh, wait. Maybe the lighted zipper is actually a target for the aliens. Uh oh.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I didn't buy that hat although I'm sure it would protect my shoulders from the sun even if I were a few inches wider. That should teach me to shop after drinking a margarita or three.

Yeah, right. If you know me, you know I'm a lightweight. I only need one to get real silly.

Anyhowsit, back to the hat. It made me laugh and I started thinking of all the other crazy hats out there. I found these on very-bored.com in the Weird Hats category.

Weird is an understatement.

This one was.....er.....exciting to me for some reason. Are those unicorns? Maybe these ladies never outgrew the childhood unicorn fantasy?

Can I buy you a drink?

Then there's this thing. Um, please folks, let's set a GOOD example for the kids, OK?

See kids if you smoke, you will become ONE with the cigarette.

When I first saw this next one, I thought of a dartboard and a picture of one of my old bosses. But it's a phonographic record. Remember those? As to what the point (pun intended) is, you got me:

You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby Right round round round...

This next one made me spew my wine. I think this girl must have had my other two margaritas from this chalice before she turned it over and placed it on her head:

Look, Mom, my blouse matches my hat and I need an orthodontist.

Finally, there is simply no reasonable explanation for this monstrosity. Goat lady? What am I missing here?

Help! My insides have fallen out?

Ok. That's enough. I need a nap.

By the way, my blog roll imploded sometime last week and I'm slowly getting it re-created. If you find yourself missing in action on my sidebar, please let me know.

Photo credit: ReformingGeek/Alien Target: Hubby after a few. All rights reserved, unless you think you can make some serious money off this photo. If so, please share.


United Studies said...

The ones I don't understand are the women that walk around in hats that look like a bird exploded on their heads. Silly.

Bee said...

Wow! I knew there were hats out there with power to stun and you found them all.

Also, that hat totally goes with our outfit.

Jean Knee said...

so very glad we can now leave the house without hats and gloves

and, sometimes, underwear

Shawn said...

What is it about horse racing that brings out these hats?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great pics Reffie...very funny.

And...where can I get me one of those anti-zombie hats? (psst..they'll probably be selling out...get one NOW!)

heh heh

Nooter said...

special hats are neato! i want one now

ReformingGeek said...

@Jacki - Exploded birds. EWWWW!

@Bee - But it doesn't match my shoes.

@Jean - Go back inside and put on your underwear.

@Shawn - No clue.

@Quirky - Thanks. Overland!

@Nooter -But you might eat it.

Meadowlark said...

Very very strange indeed. But a smile is always welcome, so thanks!

SplitRock Dozer said...

In preperation for a wild Memorial Day Weekend I tried on a similar hats at Academy this weekend. My wife was actually hiding so as to not be associated with me. How do you feel about floating down the Guadalupe? I'll bring the beer and my matching hat!

ReformingGeek said...

@Meadowlark - Smiling is so much more fun than frowning!

@SplitRock - Sounds fun so you'll be the one with the silly hat? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic lids! Those are real STATEMENTS, man! LOL

My, my, my ... the things we bloggers come up with to post about, eh?

The Constant Complainer said...

My, is that a hat you're wearing or are you happy to see me? LOL. OK, corny, I know...

Your hat wasn't silly, but some of those other ones remind of the goofy ones SJP wears on Sex and the City.

ReformingGeek said...

@Marvin - Thanks. Yes, just about anything will do.

@Constant - Ha! Yeah, maybe it's no too silly but I probably won't wear it.

Suzanne said...

That woman in the red is definitely an alien.

Deb said...

That hat looks GREAT on you!! Can't believe you didn't buy it! You could do your best Flying Nun impersonation and fly to work if you had that hat.

Meg said...

Now I know what to do with my old vinyl. Love the idea.

ReformingGeek said...

@Sue - I'm going back for the white hat to protect me.

@Deb - The hat would arrive in a room before I did.

@Prefers - Why not.

Chris said...

Haha - sadly - I was actually impressed by some of those hats! Is that bad?

Marissa said...

I like your neon zipper. And your captions for the pictures were equally hilarious. I like the unicorn hats, but too bad they weren't sparkly like REAL unicorns.

ReformingGeek said...

@Chris - You're OK. It's good to know you appreciate creativity!

@Marissa - Thanks. I agree. Too bad they weren't REAL unicorns or even fake ones for that matter. ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm so wearing that big one to work tonight..

Marvel Goose said...

All you need now is a cigar and you'll look just like me!

Anonymous said...

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