Thursday, December 3, 2009

Seasonal Introspection

What IS this thing called Christmas? What is the reason for the season? Is it because Jesus, the taco guy, has a birthday?

Oh, sorry. Wrong Jesus. Basically, the birthday celebration was chosen to coincide with other "pagan" celebrations this time of the year. Personally, I think we should celebrate Christmas in March but, surprisingly, I have no phone messages from anyone in authority asking my opinion. As a matter of fact, few people ever ask my opinion. ;-)

ReformingGeek sighs loudly.

It's best to get on with it.

Have you noticed how mainstream Black Friday shopping has become? I have heard of some folks that get almost all of their shopping done on Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've heard folks discussing their strategies. One would think that if this much effort is put into their daily jobs or their daily lives, amazing things could be accomplished.

I find the idea of staying up all night in a line outside the toy store so my child can get that special toy ridiculous. That's just me and I don't have kiddos but there was no way in Hades my parents would have ever done that.

You would never guess the economy is in bad shape based on the number of people I have encountered shopping this week.

Organizing who gets what and how much to spend can be frustrating. Hubby and I buy gifts for his cousin's kids and we were told what NOT to buy before we even got suggestions as to what the kids would like to have. Hum....part of me understands that as the parents have to deal with everything that comes into their home but on the other hand, it seems to miss the spirit of the season.

Finally, I have some hard evidence that there are aliens spying on us. One of their ships obviously landed on this previously inflated decoration:

Notice the strategic placement of this inflated Santa on an airplane. The lighting guided the ships to an open area for landing. They even left us some crop circles.

I think they took my wreath up for experimentation. They did not return it to its expected round shape:

Crazy aliens! I thought we had a deal. I have offered them Cat numerous times.

Wait. Maybe I can get them to help me decorate this weekend.

Photos: ReformingGeek snapped the photos of inflated and deflated Airplane Santas around the neighborhood. Yes, that is ReformingGeek's front door with the wreath from Hubby's company hanging on it.


Mama-Face said...

Well, in case you are wondering I really really like Borders or Barnes and Noble gift cards. Just trying to be helpful.

It is such a pain trying to store those darn wreaths so they look good year after year.

Who is this Taco Jesus? I am almost afraid to ask. :)

UberGrumpy said...

Yes, who is Taco Jesus?

They're not crop circles, they're worn out patches from 'economy jogging'. You should try it

ReformingGeek said...

As for Jesus, it could be played a couple of different ways as a joke. It's a common Hispanic name (hay-soos) and Hispanics are often seen running the taco trucks or kiosks.

If you're a member of, you might recognize Jesus, and the site administrator's specific taco guy.

@mama-face - Uh, yeah, well, last year's wreath is being used as mulch in the flower bed to the left of the door.

@UberGrumpy - I'll stick to the scenic route.

Mike said...

I wonder what the last supper would have been like if Jesus were mexican?? It would have been a hell of a lot better than bread and wine!

Anonymous said...

@Reffie Hee hee! You had to 'splain Jesus the taco guy! hee hee hee. I don't know why that got my funny bone, but it did! hee hee

And I totally agree with you about the early bird black friday nonsense. I finally decided it was no longer worth it.


Okay, okay, so I did it once. And once was all it took!

hee hee

ReformingGeek said...

@otin - Yeah. Burritos and cervesas!

@Quirky - Hee hee. I'm glad you are no longer part of the madness.

honeypiehorse said...

What is Xmas? Sheesh, didn't you see A Charlie Brown Christmas? EVerything you need to know is right there. We don't do presents any more, we buy acres of rain forest for people. No one likes our presents but tough noogs.

ReformingGeek said...

@honeypiehorse - "Christmas" is whatever you want it to be and you have obviously found your own "Christmas". Other people are not always accepting of anything outside of their own definition of the celebration. I was planning to touch on this subject in the post but went in a different direction.

Chaotically Calm said...
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Chaotically Calm said...

Hola Reforming

Black Friday was created by evil leprechauns. That is all....OK maybe not evil leprechauns but some other devilish implike creature of that I'm sure.

Like an idiot I stood in a line all night so my BFF could procure a 32in boob tube she'd been wanting forever. I will not get into the particulars but trust me the wait was not all eggnog and festive sugar cookies.

When I look back on the whole holiday season I think we've lost the meaning...I'm making everyone something by hand this year. Oh hell, who am I kidding gift cards for everybody!

Nooter said...

aliens dont want our cats, silly. they came here to drop off theirs. earth is their 'out in the country' where they go to dump their unwanted pets like bigfoot & lochness monster & about ten hundred billion cats.

kathcom said...

At least Black Friday is a real thing, unlike the adoption of December 25 as Christmas to bring all the pagans to church.

Black Friday is always the third Friday of November, right. And it's for people who worship the gods of retail.

I'm just a non-theist who gets bankrupted buying gifts every year to commemorate a fictional holiday. Merry Freaking Xmas, everyone!

ReformingGeek said...

@Yes, I think the meaning does get lost in all the commercialism. Show some love with the handmade gift cards. ;-)

@nooter - I think you are on to something again. You are one smart pooch!

@kathcom - It is certainly ingrained in our culture, though, and I think it's up to each one of to celebrate it as we please and without breaking our banks! Easier said than done. ;-)

Marvin D Wilson said...

Alls I know is when I eat a really excellent, hot & spicy taco, I explaim, "Jesus! that's good!"

So - there MUST be a connection.

The Old Silly

Me-Me King said...

My son and his family have an 8' inflatable penguin they place on their lawn, until this year that is. It seems the homeowners association has height restrictions that are not to exceed 6'. So, rather than risk a hefty fine and not being admitted to the annual 4th of July festivities, they took it down. My 2-year old grandson is not happy.

Why am I craving tacos? Hey, Jesus!!!

ReformingGeek said...

@Marvin - Absolutely.

@Me-me - Have them dig a 2-foot deep hole. ;-) Yum, tacos! said...

Wow! An alien landing in your front yard... I'm impressed! I actually love the idea of pagan holidays... but then I guess I'm more of a pagan anyway.

Anonymous said...

Fa la la la la

La la la laaaaaaaaaaa!

Unknown said...

Christmas really sucks. I want, I want, I want, not just my family but everyone everywhere it seems just wants things and more things. I want a new life, but does anyone listen? Bah humbug.

ReformingGeek said...

@Quirky - Deck the Balls with bowls of jolly. Wait. Something's not quite right....

@etta - A new life with a new set of problems as opposed to the current life with its current set of problems. I will ask Santa for you.

Suzanne said...

I have an agreement with the Aliens, I just let them take as many tissue samples of the husband as they need as long as they let me get a good nights sleep. I'm really cranky if I don't get my 8 hours.

Unknown said...
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The Constant Complainer said...

Regarding Black Friday, I struggle with the retailers putting their Christmas items out in August vs. online shopping and how easy it is vs. some of the crazy Black Friday deals that are out there.

At the Best Buy near our house, people were lining up at 10a on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday. WTF. Not worth it. I'm all for shopping that day, but not like that.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Your comment about opinions reminds of one my favorite quotes from Dave Barry: "I can win an argument on any topic, against any opponent. People know this, and steer clear of me at parties. Often, as a sign of their great respect, they don't even invite me."

And I agree with you, the economy doesn't seem to suffering at all. Not at Kohl's, anyway.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"