Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Caption Winner Announced!

OK, folks. Those were some great captions. The judges bickered and the cats tore at each other's eyes so I had to step in and come up with a solution that would please everyone. I know. I should realize that I can't please everyone so why do I keep trying?

Anyway, we have three winners and I'm going to divide up the prizes. I thought about sending only egg halves but Hubby wouldn't let me do that so I went back to my basket and found that Perspective Cat laid another egg. That's the luck (or the magic) of the Irish. Afterall, it is St. Patrick's Day, right?

Thank you for waiting. Your call will be answered in the order.......

Sorry about that.

And the winners are:

Tracy showed us that she is one touch cookie with her caption:

The Cats: Oh yeah? Which acre? We ain't got all day to be kissing your butt!!

And she was not ashamed to beg for the mushroom egg so since she is one of the winners, she will get her mushroom. I am such a softie!

Nooter really impressed the judges with his staged dog attack:

..the plan to distract the cats was working perfectly. if i can just get a little closer...cloooser.. aaand... BARK!

And Bunk made us giggle with his clever "pecker" joke:

"Look, mates! His pecker's on the wrong end!"

I do have an egg for each of you. Please email me at caroljean.fo at gmail dot com and I'll get them in the mail.

Thanks for playing and for making me giggle away some spring fever.


Unknown said...

Congrats to the winners. Nooters was my favorite!

Deb said...

Loved all the comments! Congrats! Nooter thinks like I do.

Stinkin' cats.

(Sorry RG. I'm sure I would love your cat).

Tracy Rambles On And On said...


Oh, wha?
What I meant to say is:
Why thank you so very much Reforming Geek and the voting cat council for picking my caption as one of the winners.
I have to admit, normally I suck at captions but when I saw that this picture involved somethings butt, I knew I could pull out a winner. For some reason, I think butts are funny!
I cannot wait to get that mushroom egg!
I will love it and pet it and call it George and

Anonymous said...

oh you should see how high those cats jump!

Kennyo said...

this is my 1st time on your Blog, I worked my way through blog world to find you.. Just wanted to say I enjoy the blog and keep it up..


Anonymous said...

I loved the captions. I missed this one...damn. Mine would have been "Now Mr. & Mrs. Whiskers, can you positively identify this bird butt as the one that pooped on you last Saturday while you were crossing the back yard?"

ReformingGeek said...

@dizzblnd - Nooter's was very funny!

@Deb - If you get a heavy package in the mail, it's probably my cat.

@Tracy - Congrats!

@Nooter - Poor kittehs

@Kenny - Welcome to the madness.

@Ve - That's a good one!

Anonymous said...

RG-- Whoop! Dey it is!
I must say you know how to keep a first time visitor coming back for more: bribery works. Muchisimas Gracias! --Bunk

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't comment yesterday. Happy St. Patrick's Day (belated) to all.

Congrats to the winners. Well deserved.

robkroese said...

Excellent captions. CongratsQ

Machinist said...

No one said "Open, open, open!!??

I feel old.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"