Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Caption Contest and Easter Madness

What do you do on a dreary, chilly day in Texas when you have spring fever?

Run errands, clean the house, and bathe the cat?

Yeah, right. Very funny. The cat already had its bath in the rain last Friday. Sheesh!

Watch a show on the History Channel about wingsuits?

No. That's what Hubby is doing. This morning at breakfast we were talking about doing crazy things once you get older.That is, how we seem to want to do fewer things like jump out of perfectly good airplanes as we get older. Hubby said he would skydive. I'll pass.

Now wingsuits? Hum...... Those look cool although you still have to jump out of that airplane. Landing could be a bit scary.

Get back on topic ReformingGeek.

Sigh. OK.

I baked cookies, made green chile stew, and decorated for Easter. You're probably asking why would anyone decorate for Easter? Or did I lose you at "cookies"? Maybe you want the recipe for the stew?

I'll say one thing. The green chiles were H O T ! ! !

Yep. That's about the way I felt trying to eat it.

OK. Back to Easter. I would never have thought about decorating for Easter but my mother gave me a basket and some eggs. They were sleeping safely in the depths of the junk closet until I opened the closet door to get the vacuum. They leaped out at me so I gave in and put them out for your enjoyment:

Yep. That's it. Yippee.

Notice that evil Perspective Cat knocked over the tiny basket and broke the duck's beak. I can't find the missing beak. The pesky cat must have eaten it. What a useless blob of fur.

But did you also notice that the basket is very full. I'm not going to buy a larger basket. What better to do when you want to rid yourself of extra junk lovely decorations than to have a blog contest?

I love captions so I couldn't resist doing another caption contest. Please give me your best caption for this photo:

Your awesome caption here

Your winning caption will get you these lovely cardboard eggs, including the magic mushroom egg.

Yes. I said magic mushroom.

But wait. There's more. These suckers will open up and hold your magic little ciggies, pills, condoms or whatever you want to hide store there.

They really are cute.



Most people just put candy in the eggs.


The vacuum never made it out of the closet.

Winner announced Tuesday. Good Luck!

ReformingGeek thanks Wikipedia for the wingsuit photo. The caption and Picante baby photos have floated around the Internet too many times to allow for proper credit. All other photos were unprofessionally taken by ReformingGeek or Perspective Cat. No rights reserved.


Unknown said...

LOL! I love when you have conversations with yourself

The Caption:
"The LOL Catz pointed and laughed at the big ass on the bird mooning them"

Tracy Rambles On And On said...

Listen, Reforming Geek, I'm not a person who begs. Well, sometimes but only when it's neccessarry and right now I feel the need to beg.
I NEED THAT MAGIC MUSHROOM EGG!!! You have no idea how I felt when I saw that, being the daughter of a hippie and all, it just made my heart sing!

So, here's the best caption I've got, God help me, I hope it wins me that mushroom egg!!!

The Cats: Oh yeah? Which acre? We ain't got all day to be kissing your butt!!

Anonymous said...

..the plan to distract the cats was working perfectly. if i can just get a little closer...cloooser.. aaand... BARK!

Anonymous said...

You funny. Me laugh.


"You can't touch this!"

Unknown said...

Good one Quirky!

Bunk Strutts said...

"Look, mates! His pecker's on the wrong end!"

Meg said...

I like Bunk's caption, but I'll give it a try:

So THAT's what I ate yesterday in the garden?

Bee's Dark Side said...

"Can you smeeeeeelllllll what the bird! Is cooookin'!"

"Ta na na na na na na na Can't touch this!"

"Here's mud in your eye!"

Anonymous said...

Wingsuits? Wingsuits! There's more proof that natural selection hasn't yet filtered insanity out of the Homo sapiens species.

Caption: "He's mooning us! That jackass of a bird is mooning us! If it weren't for this stupid window we'd show him a thing or two. Yes we would."

ReformingGeek said...

These are all great. Judging will be difficult as usual. All of my judges have had long days and have fallen asleep (the cat sleeps 20 out of 24 hours) so you have until tomorrow morning to submit your caption.

ReformingGeek said...

The judges are hard at work bickering over the winner. Thanks for playing.

"1.00s, 1.50s, 1.75s for the short arms. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably old, too."

"Boomer brain fog: What was the last, middle, and first part of what you just said to me?"